• Runescape system update

    There was a system update at approximately 6pm BST on 29th July. This was to fix the following:
    -Players can once again progress past Wizard Traiborn’s quizzes in Recipe for Disaster.
    -Completing the Player Owned Ports introduction cutscene now generates the port area correctly.
    -Corrected an issue that was showing too many points had been gained by certain players in the Battle for Lumbridge.
    -Players can once again descend the stairs in Juliet’s house near Varrock.
    -The ladder in Lumbridge church is once again scalable.
    -Players being attacked in Stealing Creation no longer gain a lot more points than the attacker.
    -Players who have not completed Bringing Home The Bacon no longer receive daily challenges far below their skill level.
    -Corrected an issue that was causing a loss of keybinds after using a bank search function.
    -Fixed an issue that was causing disconnections when using a Battle for Lumbridge rewards trader.
    -The emotes tab will no longer delete itself upon logging in if a player separates the Clan chat tab from the parent chat interface.
    -Removed “Really rotten potato”, “Off-white party hat” and “Garish pink party hat” from the quickchat list of items.
    -The quick-inventory buttons are no longer bound to any keys as default when logging in for the first time into RS 3 Gold.
    -The bank interface is no longer affected by the transparency setting.
    -Discontinued weapon poisons are now untradeable, and Warped Tortoises & Terrorbirds no longer drop them.
    -It is once again possible to juggle in the Circus.
    -Players can no longer walk into the air on Ape Atoll.
    -Corrected several camera issues with the Vorago fight.
    -Added some more blocking into certain locations around Lumbridge.

    We also launched a system update on the 24th at approximately 5:15pm to fix the following issues:
    -Several cutscenes now work in the HTML5 client.
    -Cutscenes now work correctly in the World Wakes quest.
    -A cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat no longer crashes the Java client.
    -The Conquest tutorial can now be completed.
    -The “Nowt Tool Look At” and “Building Up Strength” Lumbridge achievements can once again be completed.
    -Made several changes to make the account creation process work better with accounts with no display name.
    -Made several tweaks to hopefully solve the mystery of the missing keybinds.
    -The money pouch will no longer display as empty when there are coins inside.
    -The Sinkholes daily reset has been replaced – this will take effect on the next daily reset.
    -Players can now exit out of the Orb of Occulus interface.
    -”Search” prompt windows will now appear on top of other interfaces.
    -The Clan chat window’s separator will now remember it’s position over log-in sessions.
    -The rejoining Friends / Clan chat functionality works once again.
    -Setting the friends chat filter to “Friends only” now works as intended.
    -Temporarily increased the drop rates slightly of the keystones in the Order of Ascension dungeon.

    There was also a system update on the 23rd, at 5:30pm BST. This contained:
    -Camera shakes will no longer continuously play.
    -Some black screen issues have now been fixed.
    -Defence abilities used from the ability book now function correctly.
    -Made another fix to stop the actionbar from disappearing.
    -Disabled lootshare on non-lootshare worlds.
    -Corrected some spells that incorrectly required a target.
    -Stopped quick inventory slots from activating whilst typing.
    -Made some fixes to how email validation works with accounts with no display name.
    -Added the automatic unlock music code back into login.

    And the update on the 22nd, at approximately 10:00pm BST contained:
    -Removed blocking from several bridges.
    -Fixed an issue that was preventing players with no display name from logging in.
    -Stopped several interfaces from bringing up the logout interface.
    -Fixed some causes for players receiving a black screen on logging in.
    -Stopped the Battle for Lumbridge from using instance shard worlds.
    -Fixed an issue that was stopping Runescape Gold players from using the “custom price” function of the Grand Exchange.
    -Fixed an issue with the game not rendering fog after watching certain cutscenes.

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