• Runescape new projects and 90 boss

    Divination is RuneScape's 26th skill
    Soon there will be new content for the 90 RUNESCAPE players later this month, will provide you with some new monsters, new items and bosses updates.

    RUNESCAPE players can look forward to in 2013 with new content. Therefore, it should not be this month, updated to provide you with new content. Jagex developers released a small contribution, they are present in the upcoming content. So there will be new weapons, players in the 90, can be found by senior opponent. Spots look, we are here to provide cheap Runescape Gold

    The new enemy is the king Kalphite, who was waiting for his own instance, there are reckless players who want to find prey. In addition, the group plans a number of wolves in the desert Kharidian boss mobs to modify some of the enemy groups and the introduction of new demons.

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