• Runescape Hybrid Equipment is a little underpowered

    Okay. So Hybrid Armor allows you to switch all styles without penalty. The accuracies, I believe, are 100% (of your total) for the style strong to the target, 66.7% for same, and 33.3% for weak. Therefore, by gaining strong across the board…
    Average: 100%
    Average normally: 66.7%
    Gaining 33.3% accuracy.

    However, let’s look at what you lose with 15 levels. Life bonus is negligible if food is involved – a shark’s worth at most. However, if we look at the lost armor bonus…
    Someone worked out the exact bonuses, so according to that, armor bonus is based on a cubic equation. Therefore, the loss is the level change cubed.

    At level 75, the best Hybrid armor in the game, the 15 level loss drops it to 80% of the level. 80% cubed is 51.2%. So it loses 48.8% of the armor bonus.

    Thus, comparing your opponent’s accuracy gain to yours, they actually gain 15.5% MORE accuracy than you do. This makes Hybrid armor 100% not worthwhile.

    If we downscale that to the lowest level, Void, you drop to 64% of the level. This cubed is 26%. So you lose a massive 74 PERCENT OF YOUR ARMOR BONUS.

    However, this disregards inherent armor bonus. Which is roughly half of your armor bonus. So you end up losing 24.4% and 37%, respectively. Thus the net gain for Warpiest is 8.9%, and of Void is -3.67%.

    We’ll base the math off of warpriest, which will have the largest potential level loss to still be fair.

    8.9%. This is less of a bonus than Power Armor, which gives a 10% damage bonus. Also, it requires weapon switching, which adds cooldowns and such. So let’s set our objective at 15% net accuracy gain. Your gain is always going to be a constant 33.3%. So the loss needs to be 18.3%.

    So incorporating inherent armor, the loss needs to be 36.6%, or a remaining 63.3%. The cubic root of this is… about 86%.

    So it needs to lose 14% of the total levels. 14% of, let’s say level 60 for a middle number…

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