The Brink of Extinction – Grandmaster Quest

The Brink of Extinction (members only)

The crisis in TzHaar City is about to reach breaking point. Ga’al – TzHaar born without the inherited memories of their forebears – were once merely an anomaly, but now they’re the only TzHaar being born from the eggs at the birthing pools. If this continues, the TzHaar race – as we know it – will cease to exist and TzHaar society will collapse. The TzHaar-Mej have a radical solution, but they’ll need you to return to the Elder Kiln – home of the shadowy TokHaar – to enact it.

Fight your way through some of the most complex combat challenges we’ve ever unleashed, making full use of the new system released with the Evolution of Combat, and dig deep into TzHaar lore to solve puzzles on the way. You’ll also find yourself in the middle of a clash of ideals between the TzHaar and the TokHaar, and the solutions on the table involve pain, death or both. It’s up to you – and a rogue Ga’al bearing a particularly painful grudge – to retain the fragile peace between these two ancient races.

This Grandmaster quest contains some of RuneScape’s toughest combat, and the rewards are appropriately prestigious. Along with 100,000 Mining XP, 275,000 XP in the core combat skill of your choice and a TzHaar title, you’ll earn the ability to smith and wear obsidian armour, and will gain access to an all-new solo combat area: the Fight Cauldron.

Obsidian Armour

This mighty new gear looks truly spectacular, and works much like Void Knight armour: the body armour can be paired with melee, range and magic-specific helms, each giving a 10% accuracy bonus in its style. It requires no less than 80 Defence to wear, and the completion of The Brink of Extinction, and its stats are suitably spectacular: equivalent to Torva armour, with additional damage reduction per piece against against creatures within the TzHaar City and its surrounding PvE minigames (the same creatures affected by the TokKul-Zo). However, you’ll take triple damage if you use it against other players, or in any other location. It also degrades, and new pieces must be made once the armour is destroyed. That said, for a run through the Fight Cave or the Fight Kiln, there’s no better gear out there.

The armour and its raw materials are untradeable, and smithing it is no small feat: you’ll need 90 Smithing to complete a full set, and the obsidian shards needed to make it can only be found in one place…

The Fight Cauldron

In the Fight Cauldron you’ll face the full might of the TokHaar, dodging lava and doing battle with everything they can throw at you: from the humble TokHaar-Hur, all the way up to indomitable TokHaar-Ket-Zek.

All enemies you defeat within the Fight Cauldron will drop obsidian shards. If you have the Smithing level necessary, these can be smelted into obsidian bars and smithed into obsidian armour.

The onslaught will continue until you choose to leave or are killed. You won’t lose any of your gear upon death, although you will expend runes if you’re using magic, and anything left on the ground – such as arrows or bolts – will be left behind.

Last, but not least, you’ll have the option to donate TokKul at a coffer near the Fight Cauldron entrance, which will give any obsidian armour a defensive buff during your next session in the Fight Cauldron.

The TokHaar live for battle, so steel yourself and step into the Fight Cauldron for all the combat you can handle, as well as all the obsidian shards you can carry!


Mod Stu

Where to start The Brink of Extinction:

Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Ak or TzHaar-Mej-Jeh in the TzHaar City’s main plaza.


  • Level 80 Defence
  • Level 80 Smithing
  • Level 72 Mining
  • The Elder Kiln

Behind the Scenes Video

If you haven’t already, you can take a tour of the new TzHaar content in our latest Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News

  • Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Prismatic skill pendants will appear more frequently on the Squeal of Fortune this weekend. There’ll also be a limited-edition TzHaar Whip available on the Squeal of Fortune until the end of the year, which can be converted into seven different versions with level requirements from 1-60, with stats increasing each tier. It looks truly awesome and – for the first time – allows use of a whip while levelling up to 70 Attack. More details to come soon!
  • It is now possible to convert a Prismatic Pendant into a skill for which you have owned an equivalent necklace, as long as you have destroyed the one that you already own. Recharging with gems and reclaiming cosmetic pendants from Diango remain unchanged.
  • An amazing range of TokHaar-themed armour overrides is now for sale in Solomon’s General Store.
  • Slayer masters now give out useful information about your current Slayer target’s weakness, via the ‘Have you got any tips for me?’ conversation option.

The patch notes archive can be seen here.

Solomon’s General Store: TokHaar Armour

Greetings, adventurer!

My latest addition to Solomon’s General Store is the perfect counterpart to the TzHaar Grandmaster quest: TokHaar armour overrides, available in three unique tiers!

Taking inspiration from the TokHaar – builders of Gielinor’s mountains – this majestic armour is not only awe-inspiring in appearance, it also comes in three distinct variants. The indomitable spirit of this ancient race is captured in this collection of armour.

The Brute armour is indeed formidable; cast of obsidian and instantly imposing. Seekers of a most statuesque demeanour should run a keen eye over the Veteran armour; and those wishing to inspire feelings of utter doom in all they encounter should consider the Warlord armour.

A fine addition to any armoury, this trio of expertly forged suits is available right now from my store. Do you have any queries regarding my distinguished boutique? I’m confident you’ll find an answer in the comprehensive FAQ, found here.

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Book of Faces Reward

We’re almost at the monumental one million Facebook likes milestone, which means you’ll all soon be receiving a unique Book of Faces cosmetic mask on your RuneScape accounts. Congratulations and a huge thank you from all of us here on the RuneScape team!

Community Creations

This aberrant spectre-inspired drawing from GnomeWillow is absolutely terrifying – hopefully he has the required Slayer level to deal with it!

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Winter Weekends: Double Minigame Rewards for Members

Every Saturday and Sunday in December is a Winter Weekend for members – that’s five weekends, each with their own themed bonus!

This weekend, the theme is double minigame rewards! Jump into several of your favourite minigames and D&Ds anytime this Saturday and Sunday, and what you win will be doubled!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s up for grabs in each game:

  • Castle Wars: double tickets
  • Soul Wars: double zeal points
  • Pest Control: double commendations
  • Big Chinchompa: double competence points
  • Evil Tree: double item rewards
  • Shooting Star: double item rewards
  • Fishing Trawler: double fish caught

This weekend of minigame madness runs from Saturday 8th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 9th December 23:59 GMT. Don’t forget that every Winter Weekend hosts a new bonus – next week there’ll be double Dungeoneering XP!

If you’re after more festive fun, anyone who’s a member during December will get the awesome Festive Aura, which imparts a +50% XP boost for 30 minutes a day! To grab your aura and take part in Winter Weekends, click here and become a member today.

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