Stop A Team Uses The Same O Formation In Madden NFL 18

If you want to win in this game, you have to know how to stop a team that uses the same O formation all game, there are some formations players used.

Madden NFL 18 Carson Wentz

One person said:” I would run man cover 1 with the single high safety and linebacker playing hook curl in the middle. User as one of the LBs on whichever rb that doesn’t go out for a pass and if they all do play the LB with the hook. Play outside leverage to take away anything to the outside and force the slant to be thrown into you playing hook. The single high safety should help with any post.”

Another person said:” True. Something I’ve tried that brings 6, and stops deep passes and can help with flats, is cover 4, and blitz both safeties. It’s hella risky because you’re on your own on the middle with a user. But the purple zones in c4 are there to help tackle the flats (or you can shade underneath socthey just play the flats.) the corners play over top and can work with purple zones to bracket the outside guys. The blitzing safeties help kill the run. I’ve never had people run on me well when I do this. And as a user all you need to do is watch the slot for a deep route or a post. This can get beat sure but in this formation, he only has one slot player, and if the outside guys run slants they can get tackled by the purple zones and if they run post it’s late developing and you’re rushing 6 by blitzing the two safeties, skchopefully you get the sack. If he catches onto it, you can mix up blitzing only one safety, or fake blitzing them and having them run back and cover deep.”

Others also say, with the two in the backfield, he have to give up the flats to protect the middle. And he suggest player should cover three here. Protect the deep sideline, crowd the middle and force them to dink m dunk to the guys out the backfield, then sooner or later they will get tired and force a throw into coverage. If you want to know more then you can find in