The Patch Fixes An Error With The Blader’s Redemption Skill In MU Legend

The full patch notes for MU Legend is matter to the whole gameplay, according to the recent patch notes, and it’s said to that the latest patch fixes an error with the Blader’s Redemption skill, adds security related patches and more. Today, let’s take a look at this new patch, in this article, if the following information are not meet your needs, don’t worry, head to U4GM to find more on what you need to know.

MU Legend

Known Bugs
We are aware of a bug which makes the constellation wings and the kelbra wings sometimes give you less movement speed and MP cost reduction as they should provide. We’re going to fix that bug on the 28th of November.

Since we are still working on our actions against abusive players, we couldn’t open the trade system. We will keep you updated on this topic. In order to get more details and for further investigation, it is temporarely impossible to register a new item in the auction house.

Bug Fixes
A bug in the price of the resurrection when a character dies has been fixed.
The pricing of MU Legend Zen in the shop online is not affected by this change.
Added some security relevant patches
Fixed an error with the Blader’s redemption skill

As a matter of fact, this game’s open beta testing of the international version of MU Legend began. For those who went to conquer the world of MU Legend, we continue to publish materials that will help you in learning the game, at the same time, we continue to sell cheaper MU Legend Zen to ours clients.

The Effect Of MU Legend Classes: Many Very Popular And New Classes

MU Legend is a prequel to MU Online, the game has upgraded its graphics platform to a new level, MU Legend is using powerful Unreal Engine technology. In MU Legend, you can learn about how the Great Sage Icarus failed to prevent the resurrection of Kundun, and therefore sent the heroes to the past. MU Legend has been launched in the market since March, and is fulled with challenging and attractive. More players decides to buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM.

MU Legend

MU Legend allows the player to choose from 5 different classes, the first being the Dark Lord, a strong character in the blood stats, defensive and combative style and good guard for allies. The next is Blader, also known as an executioner in the right sense, with a weapon that is a large blade, the damage that this class is quite high beyond the Dark Lord quite a lot, but the amount of blood is plentiful.

War Mage specializes in magic power, the ability to summon monsters. This is considered a very popular class from MU Online time in the Vietnamese market and received very warmly. Next is Whisperer, who has been called a veteran bowler in the MU world, with a powerful range that can be used to pull and guide the enemy. Finally a class quite new to the player, it is Spellbinder that can be considered a magic class similar to War Mage. She has the ability to practice mental inclination, control of mental objects and more.

Background music in the MU Legend is only acceptable, in addition to the skill and skills are integrated not really attractive. Conversations or cut scenes in the game are very light, the tone of the character to the NPC everything is flat, not true, lack of emphasis and easy to cause boring. MU Legend still retains its tradition in the previous version, the game follows the familiar MMORPG RPG. Stay tuned for more information on MU Legend updates as it becomes available, view more at here.

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The First Trailer For Madden 18 Reveals A New Story Mode: Longshot

The first trailer for Madden 18 reveals a new story mode, it could be the best single-player campaign mode in sports video games. EA Sports has always done a good job with these modes. Madden 17’s franchise mode was good, but there were multiple areas of opportunity. Fans would love more customization, relocation and more.

Madden 18

The option to have an arcade or simulation experience should be available in every sports game. It’s good to see this coming to Madden. Concerning this game’s three distinct gameplay styles: Arcade, Simulation and Competitive, you can go to website to know more. In Madden 18, you will finally be able to match your best corner with your opponent’s top receiver whenever you want.

Coaching adjustments is another broad feature description, but it could be another major gameplay enhancer. Customize the AI to fit your game plan and make situational changes to your strategy on the fly as the game demands it. Madden 18 features a Longshot mode, where you make the decisions and play in a scripted story mode. The game is set for an August 25 worldwide release.

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