Innovations For Madden NFL 18 Include Target Passing And More

While you playing a game, some of the gameplay elements and where scrimmages occur are sure to leave players yearning for more. In this year’s Madden 18, with Longshot, Madden 18 just elbowed its way into the tight space and manages to stand out. Longshot is a big and amazing story mode, the digestible story fits in an arc one could normally go get at a movie theatre without it feeling hamfisted. It’s undeniable that the price of madden 18 coins at U4GM is the lowest.

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 combines the hard-nosed, ultrarealistic gridiron action you’d expect with incredible new features. For the first time ever in a Madden game, there’s a playable Story Mode. You’ll guide Devin Wade on his journey from forgotten prospect to the NFL. As for gameplay changes, there are many. This update allows the quarterback to dive while scrambling, something that apparently wasn’t possible before.

Innovations for Madden NFL 18 include target passing, customizable team AI, and a Franchise Mode that lets you build a football dynasty while playing full-game matchups or only key moments. Starting with the new features, the single-player Longshot mode adds a feature that lets you replay gameplay moments to see them again. Additionally, you can now play full seasons with Madden Ultimate Team squads.

Another new feature is a monthly leaderboard for Madden Ultimate Team, so you can see how you compare to others on a monthly timeline. This game’s the full features list, click here to know more. Madden 18’s patch fixed many issues, for instance, addressed the issue with players recovering a fumble not being able to be tackled, more patch update and features details, stay tuned U4GM.

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NBA 2K18 The Top 10 Worst Players’s Screenshots And Their Overall Ratings

With the release of NBA 2K18 to the general public, the game being out for a while. Considering NBA 2K18’s gameplay to be among the best in the series so far, fans have praised the game’s new motion and physics engine, fans are very satisfied with the gameplay. But, when it comes to the good and the bad, the NBA players in NBA 2K18 aren’t spared either. Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 worst players in NBA 2K18.

10. Maurice Ndour – Free Agent (67 Overall)

NBA 2K18

9. Rakeem Christmas – Free Agent (66 Overall)

NBA 2K18

8. Jack Cooley – Sacramento Kings (66 Overall)

NBA 2K18

7. Manny Harris – Free Agent (66 Overall)

NBA 2K18

6. Reggie Williams – Free Agent (66 Overall)

NBA 2K18

5. Ben Bentil – Free Agent (66 Overall)

NBA 2K18

4. Aaron Harrison – Free Agent (65 Overall)

NBA 2K18

3. R.J. Hunter – Free Agent (65 Overall)

NBA 2K18

2. Joel Anthony – Free Agent (64 Overall)

NBA 2K18

1. Justin Harper – Free Agent (64 Overall)

NBA 2K18

Of course, speaking of good aspects, NBA 2K18 has also some the top players, for more information about the NBA 2K18 player ratings ranks, please click here.

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