Albion Online: A MMO With No History

The mythical continent of Albion, which has nourished legends for thousands of years, has finally been discovered, and it is up to you (as well as tens of thousands of other players) to explore this vast land Unknown, in the brand new Albion Online MMO.


At first glance, Albion Online presents itself as an MMO of the most classic, in which one finds all that one expects in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The title stands out, however, by offering the ultimate sandbox experience, and by providing budding adventurers with a gigantic continent to explore, but this great freedom does not only have advantages. Indeed, if there are dungeons, which can be traveled alone or in groups, tons of hostile creatures inhabiting forests and caves, PVP and epic clashes between guilds, there are no (With the exception of a few at the beginning to teach us the basics), and in the end, this lack of direction will appeal more to the regulars of this type of game than to the newcomers.

Rather than being restricted to a particular class, Albion Online creates a bespoke hero by combining skillfully associated with sorcerers, archers, or warriors in a single character. The skill tree, almost as vast as the territory to be explored, takes the form of a “map of destiny,” and to rise to a level in a given discipline must meet fairly high requirements (absorbing 12,000 points Damage with a certain type of armor, kill 25,000 creatures with an arc, etc.), an approach that favors “grinding”, or repetition of the same activity during hours and hours in order to progress.

If titles like Diablo or Borderlands make “grinding” supportable, it is by embellishing it with constant rewards, whether in the form of regular evolution or booty, which is not the case here. Enemies only drop money when they die, and all tools, weapons or armor must be made from the raw materials harvested from the trees, minerals, or skins of the animals killed , Which must then be refined. There is a market where players can sell and buy resources rather than spending hours collecting them, but this mechanics ultimately encourages farming, a practice that is certainly not appreciated by all.

Presented in an isometric view, we do not control the orientation of the camera in Albion Online, but we have a pretty good zoom, which makes it possible to approach substantially the action and its avatar. The textures are deliberately minimal, and if the title does not have the most beautiful graphics, this minimalism creates a style pleasant to the eye, close to the comic strip. You can obviously join, or create your own guild, and the economy of Albion is entirely controlled by the players themselves. There are not many bugs in the experiment. My avatar became mysteriously invisible during a game, and I was sometimes disconnected from the server when a lot of players were simultaneously present, but overall the game runs smoothly.

If you do not intend to invest hundreds of hours in an MMO and are not particularly fond of grinding, Albion Online is not for you, but regular gamers massively online roles will appreciate this gigantic sandbox, which offers the perfect canvas to weave its own adventure. If you need silver or power leveling in game recently, you will want to join in our activity to get the 2% off code and buy cheapest albion online silver on UpAlbion.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: New Character Jobs And A New Narrative

Final Fantasy XIV content patches included new features, high-level raids as well as existing job enhancements. Especially for the release of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, more new content was added into the game, including also two new character jobs, a new narrative and an increased level cap, players can be allowed to explore those content. Enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling in favor for playing the game with ease.

Final Fantasy XIV

Up to now, it’s said to that Final Fantasy XIV has exceeded 10 million register players. More updates, events and content for players can be check out more here. Players are able to try out the game for free in a limited free trial, and the 10 million number presumably includes those players.

Stormblood is the Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, and it was launched in June. As matter factly, Stormblood has already gone above the experience delivered in Heavensward, undoubtedly, Final Fantasy XIV now has the content and longevity it needs to keep players engaged.

For Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 4.06, and it’s also out. The annual Moonfire Faire event has been started, players can take part in seasonal quests, one of which is facing off against tentacle being Ultros. In the game, players can try out different races, classes and jobs with no restriction on playtime, they have also entitled to access to all content until them get to level 35.

NBA 2K 18 Is Similar To The Real NBA As Ever: Player Ratings

Due to the graphics of NBA 2K18 was much-improved, with some new game features as well as a stacked music playlist, thus, the game should look and feel as similar to the real NBA as ever. The game’s developers have been releasing new information about the game every day, check out more here.

NBA 2K18

It’s a known fact that NBA 2K18 isn’t the only game appearing on the Switch to feature exclusive Switch features. NBA 2K18 is planned for launch on September 19 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4. Gamers are about to Buy NBA 2K18 MT with great passion.

This Following Is NBA 2K18 Player Ratings

John Wall 90
Nick Young 74
Lonzo Ball 80
Joel Embiid 86
Devin Booker 86
Paul George 91
Kyrie Irving 90
Steph Curry 94
Kevin Durant 96
Ben McLemore 73
Markelle Fultz 80
Damian Lillard 89
Isaiah Thomas 89
Dwight Howard 81
Gordon Hayward 88
D’Angelo Russell 80
DeMar DeRozan 89
Kristaps Porzingis 86
Karl Anthony-Towns 91

During the NBA draft, players will now be able to stash international projects overseas for the first time. NBA 2K18 to Have amiibo Compatibility, amiibo have been listed as being compatible with NBA 2K18, a move which could bring player saves to NFC tags. More news will be updated at U4NBA, stay tuned U4NBA.

Elder Scrolls Online Horns Of The Reach DLC

In this article, we’ll tell you some basic information about the new ESO DLC, Horns of the Reach.

Release Date: August 14, 2017 (PC, Mac) / August 29, 2017 (XBox One) / August 29, 2017 (PS4)

Horns of the Reach

Fee: Access with 1500 Crowns or ESO Plus

Horns of the Reach is the sixth additional pack added to Elder Scrolls Online. After the Shadows of the Hist, it is the second dungeon-containing package. So there is not a map where you can walk freely, and there are only two dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Stop the Reachmen and Minotaur allies. The entry of these dungeons is in the Craglorn map.

You can buy DLC permanently for 1500 crowns. Or you can access it during your ESO Plus membership. When your ESO Plus is finished, you will not be able to enter this content, but you will be able to use the items you have acquired.

Bloodroot Forge

It is possible to drop a monster set when you have the last boss of this dungeon with normal and veteran versions. Also, if you have access to DLC, you can take it as an assignment in the undaunted PLEDGE. You can win a hat as a reward when you finish this veteran of this dungeon.

  • Flame Blossom
  • Blooddrinker
  • Hagraven’s Garden
  • Earthgore (monster set)

Falkreath Hold

It is possible to drop a monster set when you have the last boss of this dungeon with normal and veteran versions. Also, if you have access to DLC, you can take it as an assignment in the undaunted pledge. When you finish this dungeon veteran, you can win a Dreadhorn Shaman Skin as a reward.

  • Draugr’s Rest
  • Pillar of Nirn
  • Ironblood
  • Domihaus (monster set)

More ESO news we will post here in, you can keep eyes close in our site.

NHL 18: Connor McDavid Content, Item, Celebration And Jersey

It should be mentioned that gamers can now pre-order the EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Edition and EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition. EA will soon launch its annual sports games, such as NHL 18. Best of all, you can try out NHL 18 for free, at the same time, the game’s cover star was also revealed, Connor McDavid. More hot news and guides, click for source.

NHL 18

The game’s Beta Test went live today for all gamers on PS4 and Xbox One. EA SPORTS has announced that anyone can download it directly from Xbox stores or PlayStation. It is noteworthy that the Beta is due to end on August 8. Hence, be sure to get it downloaded and jump into the action ASAP.

The Young Stars Edition also features 20 Gold Plus Packs for Hockey Ultimate Team and a Rookie HUT item from a team of the player’s choice. The EA Sports NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition includes all these perks plus an additional 20 Gold Plus Packs for Hockey Ultimate Team.

Gamers can be allowed to access to the full game starting September 12th and Connor McDavid content, the game is planned for launch on September 15th, what this means is that you can accesss to the full game before it official release. Including a Connor McDavid Rookie HUT item, a Connor McDavid celebration, and a custom HUT jersey designed by adidas and Connor McDavid.

In NHL 18, regardless of what the game’s modes or features, this game will be likely to be much better than previous NHL games. The beta also features a traditional online versus mode. Needless to say, let’s now try out the Beta for the game. Welcome to U4GM, we take pride in offering Cheap NHL 18 Coins to clients.

ESO: Morrowind – Warden Is An Extremely Powerful Class

More than just an extension, Morrowind now represents the future of The Elder Scrolls Online. Thought about the various improvements made to the title since its release, this content with strong nostalgic resonance have the heavy task not to disappoint the expectations of a public probably rocked by the exotic ambience of TES III countries.


A whole new class appears in Morrowind: the Warden, a role strongly linked to nature. Accompanied or not by a powerful bear, the Warden is a hybrid class with three branches of talent. Its cold-oriented skill tree favors personal buffs and allied resistance. It can also become as solid as ice to tank with a certain class. A care-oriented branch makes the character very useful in group content and makes it one of the most versatile supports of the game at the moment.

The imposing urside standing by our side will not be left behind with a branch dedicated to wild beasts where the player accesses a more extensive panel of zone attacks and other crowd controls. The bear can be considered as an extra tank, capable of taking heavy damage without replacing a real player. Too bad that this branch of talent is so close to that of the summoner, most of the invocation spells give the impression of being simple modifications of appearance of techniques already present in game.

The arrival of the Warden in an extension such as Morrowind allow some players to make their return on the MMORPG with new gameplay to take charge. The Warden is an extremely powerful class when it comes to discussing the title of the title alone, which is rather good given the recent direction of the title.

Albion Online: The PvP-Oriented MMO Is Released

In an already overcrowded MMORPG world, it may be easy to miss an outing. Weeks ago, it was Albion Online going out of its phase of beta on PC, Mac and Linux, and if only time will tell us the success (or not) of the game, it already stands out from quite a lot of other titles of the kind.

Inspired by giants such as EVE Online or Ultima Online, Albion is an immersive and player-driven experience. An economy based solely on the objects made by the players, a violent and cruel PvP where the slightest misstep can cost all the hard-won equipment, there is something to rejoice the most assiduous.


Some PvE activities are also offered, but all the interest of the game lies in its clashes between players, whether they are simple brawls to settle the famous question “who is this tree” up to large-scale guild wars.

And combat, precisely, is another point that separates the game from the majority of the other titles, since it does not have classes strictly speaking. The way to fight is therefore entirely dependent on the equipment we wear.

Definitely a game to test for fans of the genre and without subscription, its community is also very active, and its forums warm to wish.