What Is New Between Madden 17 and Madden 18

Madden 18 will be released in August this year, and many Madden players are looking forward playing in advance, and EA has revealed many trailer for Madden 18 for Madden fans to know more about the update game. But what is new between Madden 17 and Madden 18? We could saw that Madden 16 has been upgraded the passing game, but Madden 17 are committed to Defense. Then how about Madden 17 and Madden 18?

After know about the difference between Madden 17 and Madden 18, we will let you know if it is worth buying for the new features in Madden 18 which EA packs into it. And I think we are most concerned about Madden 18 is sports will phone it in with a roster upgrade and token changes. Madden 18 will be released on August, and there are two version for you: the Madden 18 G.O.A.T on August 22nd and the standard edition on August 25th.

The new Madden 18 features we know about include new play modes, new play styles, target passing, coaching adjustments and graphics upgrades thanks to the Frostbite game engine that powers FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1.

Here are the new Madden 18 features and upgrades from Madden 17 that you can look forward to in August.

There is a Madden 18 story mode shown at the end of the official teaser trailer. This builds on the power of Frostbite to allow us to see players in new environments.
In FIFA 17 we saw The Journey place us in charge of a young player trying to make it into the Premier League. We see a young player looking out from a hotel room at the Colts stadium. That’s all we see in this early teaser trailer, but it’s confirmation of the new mode.

It is very probably you will take over the career of pre-designed player, rather than a custom created one with your name. And your work is completing expect scripted events off the field and challenges on the field. We will know more information about Madden 18 in June, and we are available to play Madden 18 at that time, if you are workers in EA sports, you can even go hands on.

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Albion Gamers Are Expecting Upcoming Update: Hector

We are glad to know that the final update of Albion Online soon to be released on July 17th, previous update Galahad, and it brought a brand-new world layout. Hence, gamers have highly anticipated for the new update: Hector. The new update content is almost here, including outlands improvements, revamped hellgates as well as the black market. According to U4GM, let’s take a closer look at new content details.

Outlands Improvements


The Outlands are also receiving several improvements. First of all, the current harbors and black zone cities are being removed from the game. Resource distributed is also being adjusted. Lastly, the watchtower territories are being boosted as well. Details improvements, you had better visit official website U4GM.

Revamped Hellgates


Hellgates are a vital part of Albion Online, mixing PvE with the thrill of PvP. While they have been well-received in general, there are some smaller issues that could not be addressed with so-called band-aid fixes. This is why we are giving the Hellgates a revamp!

This revamp includes not only a new, pentagram-shaped map, but also new mechanics and minibosses. We have also divided the Hellgates in three different difficulties: Ashen Hellgates (green zones), Ignited Hellgates (yellow zones), and Infernal Hellgates (red and black zones).

New Feature: Black Market


The Black Market merchant is a new NPC that can be found in Caerleon, the center city of the Royal Continent. This shady figure buys equipment from crafters and redistributes it to the mobs and chests of Albion, who in turn drop the equipment to players in Albion.

This new feature has several benefits. First of all it allows us to add cool drops to the PvE of Albion Online, without taking away from the player-driven economy. Additionally, as the Black Market merchant is shady, this can also be used as a proper item-sink for lower Tier items. Lastly, we can remove Essences from refining and get rid of refined resources as a drop from Hellgates and chests.

PSA: Evacuate To A Safe Place


As the harbors and black zone cities are being removed, so are their banks and cityplots. If you have any items stored in one of the following maps, please make sure to move them to a safe place before Hector goes live on June 7.

Aberdown Harbor
Mull Quay
Noss Quay
Cawl Quay
Lowe Quay
Clack Quay
Tenby Quay
Lyme Harbor
Fort Thursair
Sunder Quay
Pember Quay
Harlech Quay

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Caerfyddin map in the Royal Continent will be replaced by the Keeper’s homebase. What this means is that its watchtower territory will be removed. On the top of that, for the guild that holding this territory, before Hector hits, and the guild has to evacuate, otherwise, they will be likely to lose their items.

Resources Fromhttps://www.u4gm.com/news/Albion-Online/Albion-Gamers-Are-Expecting-Upcoming-Update-Hector-31812

Details On The Warden Class In Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Online soon starts with the first new addon chapter Morrowind and a highlight will be the new class of the Warden. To the Warden, there is now a new video showing the natural wizards from the point of Morag-Tong Assassins Naryu Virian.

Soon Morrowind, the first chapter addon to The Edler Scrolls Online out (pre-buyers can already ran on 22 May). As an ESO fan you do not know what to look forward to at Morrowind: the strange, beautiful new island of Vvardenfell, the new Raid “Halls of Fabrication”, the PVP battlefields or the Wardens as a new class.

For the Warden is a new video from the series of stories of Naryu Virian, the Morag-Tong-assassin and guardians of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind – “What can Wardens actually do?”

For her research, Naryu Virian sought a real keeper and showed himself what he could do. With the ice magic of the natural wizard, the moody assassin was not particularly impressed. Rumzauber can be somehow anyway. Also the conjured Netch calf was rather sweet than impressive. But then a wild Guar emerges and the guardian calls Schwuppdiwupp a thick black bear, who scares the beast.

Naryu Virian is more interesting, but she is impressed by the magical forest, the ultimate healing cure of the Warden. This creates a small, romantic grove in which the keeper and Naryu Virian could certainly have many interesting conversations about bears. We have embedded the video here for you. Have fun watching.

Are you looking forward to the Warden? Or are you wary of nature wizards and forestry classes and would you prefer to experience Morrowind with your old hero adventure? Let us know your opinion and write it in the comments!

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The enormous update of the game world, Galahad has been released on March 13th, with new areas, content, PvP and PvE updates and more. Labeled as one of the final steps before the official release of Albion Online, Galahad brings an entire new world layout, a complete rework of PvE and much more.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Assassins And The Great Houses Trailer

Bethesda has released another video on The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The expansion for the MMO will be available on June 6 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and can be pre-ordered as a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition.

In the new video, which is called “Assassins and the Great Houses”, you will be shown how you “survive the clan-feud intrigues of Vvardenfell”.

“In Morrowind, nothing is as it seems, and this is especially true in the cutthroat world of Dunmer politics. As you explore Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with and against the three Great Houses currently in control: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, and House Telvanni.”

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FFXIV The Second Expansion Focuses On The City-state Of Ala Mhigo

Final Fantasy XIV the first major expansion is Heavensward, initially, it had intended to be released in a spring 2015, but, it was delayed to June of the same year. The expansion main story shines some light on the history of fierce war between humanity and dragonkind that has been raging in Eorzea’s north for centuries.


However, Final Fantasy XIV the second expansion soon to be launched, the first teaser trailer has been posted out. Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood is set for launched in summer 2017. To learn more fantastic screenshots, trailer, guides and so on, you can head over to: https://www.ffxiv4gil.com/.

The second expansion focuses on the city-state of Ala Mhigo, which was conquered 20 years prior to the events of A Realm Reborn by the Garlean Empire and the Ala Mhigan Resistance, in their attempt to liberate the city-state from the Empire’s control. Are you looking forward to seeing more amazing changes or improvements? let’s explore the new world by buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

There’s the continent of Eorzea itself, a stunning world of forests, deserts, and coasts that often delivers wallpaper-worthy moments, such as a the sight of watching the sun rise over the waters of the resort of Costa Del Sol. It’s undeniable that cheap FFXIV Gil for sale at FFXIV4GIL.

How To Win More In Madden 17

IF you search “Madden 17 guides”, “Madden 17 tips”, and etc… you will find hundreds of results in Google, you will find various Madden 17 tips and guides, but how to choose some best ones that we could integrate in our gameplay to make it more effective and enjoyable. Today, I will share two Madden 17 tips for you guys.

Pay attention to zone assignments

the developers have certainly improved the AI controlled defensive players who are in zone coverage. If you chose to control a player responsible for a zone on the field, you must know his assignment. Roaming is acceptable but straying far away from user controlled assigned area can lead to big plays for the offense.

Don’t lean on aggressive catch

Probably the most valuable tip for NFL 17, as the aggressive catch mechanic has been changed from Madden 16. Jump balls are far more realistic now. Bigger receivers can still find success when quarterback throws it back but you can’t rely on it anymore.

You can adopt these two Madden guides in your gameplay, and you can find its more usefully than talking on paper. You will find its easier to win in game after you mastering the good skills, so you can make more Madden 17 coins.

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