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Albion Outlands Content And New Maps, New Weapons, Biomes

Albion Online outlands, which is one of the key pieces of content being rethought as well as redesigned in the current beta stage. According to designed, the outlands were intended to foment guild warfare, in practice, the outlands were designed too small and too compact, which created relatively small guild battles and in turn allowed just a few incredibly powerful guilds control over the whole area, leaving no room for anyone else.Albion Online more update and its release progress, you need to stare at:


Before Albion Online was launched, the game is in the middle of a big revamp ahead of its beta. Including new maps, new weapons, new biomes, up to now, Sandbox Interactive adds a retooled guild VS guild system to that list — that’d be guild battles, 5v5 fights that allow groups to fight and conquer territory around the world.

Sandbox Interactive elaborated some facts based on the newly installed swamp biome, biome will look differently depending on where you are in the world, they added, the more dangerous a zone, the more grim the land will appear. The game’s safer areas will be lush and green (as much as any swamp can be), while the more dangerous spots will tinged red and grey.

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