Galahad: How Many Founders Have Been Played Albion

Galahad was launched on March 13, in the meantime, along with a new world map, PvE was improved, Galahad brings an abundance of other new content. In the four weeks since the update, according to relevant statistic, up to now, a few of the number was gathered by some developers, some Founders have already played a total of 2,804,864 hours, about 212,815 Founders have been played the game.


Just like the trailer of Galahad update, the trailer shows off a new UI that should make the game easier to play. Particularly in tablet screens, more importantly, biome cities as well as the new landscape also were introduced to the game.

Best of all, including new PvE expeditions, probably, it will be short encounters for one or more players. Honestly, the update also brings improved visuals, more spells, as well as a ton more improvements, eventually, it looking like the game is in the final stretch.

Realistically, the game will easily be the most expansive and complex MMO on mobile, gamers can create various equipment items in-game based on theirself mind. When the Galahad patch goes live, players will be able to explore completely revamped cities. A slew of information about Galahad update, click here or visit professional website:

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The ESO Crown Store Update New Items This April

Today, The Elder Scrolls Online updates its Crown Store items for players to experience Tamriel in traditional Breton style. This month, the Crown Store posts a selection of both practical and lavish Breton-themed outfits.


The High Rock Pioneer Outfit & The Soiree in Camlorn Evening Suit – The lead fashion designer of House Manteau, Lady Eloisse, announced the release of High Rock Pioneer Outfit and Soiree in Camlorn Evening Suit. The former is stylish, durable, and suitable for any occasion while the latter is elegant but austere and this trim doublet looks sharp whether you’re a Sir or a Dame. The High Rock Pioneer Outfit and the Soiree in Camlorn Evening Suit will be available on all platforms starting on April 6th.



Grand Topal Hideaway – Not only mad masterminds of vast criminal organizations can have their own private tropical islands, but also you could have a sumptuous hidden hideaway ever-trembling on the verge of volcanic destruction. The Grand Topal Hideaway home comes in a furnished and unfurnished version andwill be available on all platforms for a limited time from April 27 to May 1.


Island Furniture

The Island Furniture packs will be available with Island Assortment Household Pack, Island Cuisine Kitchen Pack, Island Hideaway Parlor Pack and Island Nights Bedroom Pack on all platforms for a limited time from April 27 to May 1.


Island Assortment Household Pack – A selection of household necessities that will give your tropical lair that comfortable and lived-in look.

Island Cuisine Kitchen Pack – An assortment of kitchen furnishings drawn from cultures across southern Tamriel, ideal for the Grand Topal Hideaway.

Island Hideaway Parlor Pack – A selection of living room furnishings hand-picked to complement the architecture and setting of the Grand Topal Hideaway.

Island Nights Bedroom Pack – After a rough day in Tamriel, relax in splendor on your tropical furnishings as the soft Topal breezes rustle the thatch of your luxurious hideaway’s roof.



Black Senche-Lion – The Black Senche-Lion is the preferred mount of Elsweyr’s greatest thieves, who want a ride that’s both fierce and can fade into the dark of night. According to legend, the most famous Black Senche-Lion of all was Rajhin’s mount Umbrage, which could both talk and, for brief periods, fly! The Black Senche-Lion mount will be available on all platforms for a limited time from April 13 to April 17.


Style Parlor


Head Horns Aplenty – You could put horns on top of your head, but everybody does that—only the truly original would think to put them on their chin!


Horned Brow Plate – Feeling Daedric? Get Oblivious with the Horned Brow Plate—now with faux rivets! Not even Dremora have those on their heads.


The Head Horns Aplenty adornment for Argonians and the Horned Brow Plate adornment for Humans and Khajiit will be available on all platforms starting on April 20th.

Hair Styles


Multi-Spined Skull Crest – Here’s one with attitude: this menacing look is a favorite of surly teen-aged Argonians in the more unsavory parts of Gideon.


The Casual Rascal – Everyone knows somebody who wears this head of hair: they may lead you into mischief, but you know you’ll have a good time. Now you, too, can be the group’s Bad Influence.

The Multi-Spined Skull Cresthair for Argonians and the Casual Rascal hair for Humans and Khajiit will be available on all platforms starting on April 20th.


The Scholar – Ever notice how everyone in Tamriel keeps a journal? Now you can show the world that you’re making your own scholarly record of your adventures and the deeds of those around you. Perhaps the pen is mightier than the sword. The Scholar personality will be available on all platforms starting on April 6th.


As usual, all these offers are available on all platforms. There are event some items can be obtained until May 1th.

Mu Legend Is Expected To Kick Off This Summer

Mu Legend is expected to kick off this summer, in the upcoming months, the team will be working on localization, trading NPCs, 3V3 PvP as well as fine tuning the game for open beta. In addition, the global OBT of Mu Legend will be available in 6 languages: Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish. This will be the first time a Mu game will be available in multiple languages at launch. More and more gamers have managed to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling, and you?


The first CBT of Mu Legend was posted by Webzen, and it can showcase gamer’s choices in the form of an infographic. Up to now, the initial test is over, Webzen has started preparations for the second global CBT, with date soon to be announced.

Relevant Details About Mu Legend
Most popular class: War Mage
Number of dungeons visited: 1,630,900
Times players died at the hands of monsters: 1,854,710
Combined time spent in game: 154 years or 4,854,946,057 seconds
Countries where the game was most popular: Brazil, Poland, United States
Do you want to know what the more details of Mu Legend? recommonded official website to get more:

Webzen plans to run a second global test in 2017, and more additional localizations of the game will be added. At the same time, Webzen also point out that there would be no data-wipe of the first CBT in order to allow gamers from every level bracket participate. The developers will work hand-in-hand with the localization department to make sure the highest level of quality is achieved and will continue to work on the content revealed during G-Star 2016 for the open beta release. Gamers plan on buying cheap Mu Legend Zen at U4GM, which is the best supplier.

Albion: Each Weapon And Armor Will Have A Unique Characteristic

The development of Albion was closely watched, eventually, for the ambitious sandbox gameplay, and it’s release date has been confirmed and is closer and closer approaching. July 17th, and I bet that you can’t control your excitement. In accordance to previous statements by the developers, it’s pleasing to that after a long beta period, the game development is coming to an end. Now that you can prepare to buy cheap albion oline gold at u4gm.


From the game was originally announced to now, and it undergone a series of changes, on the whole, a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world is coming, and along with a player-driven economy. It’s worth mentioning that all equipment items are player-crafted, and which is a unique classless system.

The game allow gamers to design their own style of play, and different types of weapons and armor can be combined to create unique fighting styles. It’s means that there are no restrictions. For instance, mages can wear heavy armor or two-handed warriors can use light armor or even mix and match. Some gamers are keeping a closer eye on official website:

In the game, and abilities have also been reworked, what’s more, each weapon as well as piece of armor will have a unque characteristic. The development team deem that changes to the Albion Online combat system has vastly improved the gameplay experience as well as will allow players to fill any niche role that they want.

FFXIV Has Close Cooperation With Hope & Glory Team

Final Fantasy XIV the second major expansion will be released in early summer 2017, and it offers to gamers the chance to explore new areas and experience new raids, overall, and the game have huge changes, and along with a brand-new storyline. 


According to Final Fantasy XIV EU PR manager expounds, they have teamed up with Hope & Glory team, initially, not just with their previous work but with their passion for Final Fantasy XIV. After all, they showcased a strong understanding of both the game as well as its auidence, combined with exciting creative ideas and the ability to hit the ground running.

At the same time, account director at Hope & Glory added: they are definitely pleased to be working with Square Enix On Final Fantasy XIV. Regardless of a personal and professional level, for agroup of fanatic gamers, it’s great to be working on such an esteemed franchise at this exciting time.

Final Fantasy XIV franchise all the hallmarks, which includes an engaging storyline, HD real-time cut scennes as well as genre-leading graphics. In Final Fantasy XIV, it exist a unique armory system, and it can allows you to change to any of the 19 different classes simply by changing your equipment. Anyway, anytime, anywhere, and develop your character however you want. It’s time to buy cheap FFXIV Gil.

Mu Legend: The Unique Features And Three Separate Levelling Systems

Gamers have chance to explore many of the unique features of Mu Legend, which includes the three different levelling systems, Mu Legend incoporates three separate levelling systems that enchance play in different ways. Some gamers are scheduled to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling in advance.


Account Level: This is the sum of the Soul Levels of all the characters on the account. This offers permanent boosts for all characters.

Soul Level: The Soul Level acts similarly to EXP Level, except the Soul Level has its very own tree to improve stats and passive abilities.

EXP Level: Obtained by completing quests, dungeons, and defeating enemies, this levelling system automatically improves the character’s stats.

To learn more about MU Legend, the different classes and features of the game, or to pre-register for the second global beta test, visit the official website:

Webzen develop the second 3D MMORPG, it was called Mu Legend, at the same time, it’s aslo sequel to Mu Online, which is the first 3D MMORPG to leave the shores of South Korea and make its name overseas. Nowly, Mu Legend has been in development since 2004, the game has the same controls ans user interface as the original MU Online game. Hence, gamers have high passion for buying cheap Mu Legend Zen.

Final Fantasy XIV: Take Your Friends And Embark On Adventure Journey

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn storyline has a lot main scenarios, and including a series of new content to challenge, gamers are looking forward to exploring the ever-expanding world of Eorzea. Hence, today, let’s see what details changes for Final Fantasy XIV.


Grab Your Friends And Explore The Great Blue Yonder
Exploratory missions are here, you can take your friends, and embark on a quest to exlpore a region with unknown dangers as well as resources. You are likely to encounter other adventures on your journey, go forth into the great blue yonder — and bring back riches.

Continue the Main Scenario
The Warrior of Light has returned to a shaken nation after uncovering an enormous scandal. What will fate have in store for these people who have lost the very foundation they built their nation on? You can get clearly answers if you visit here:

Discover the Void Ark, Remnant of a Lost Civilization
Compared to traveling the skies for times untold, what this means that the massive Void Ark can help an ancient civilization to flee from an unknown threat. Like a ghost ship, it had rumors say that its existence have made the rounds among the sky pirates, what’s more, and their stories about it carring an unknown power. Concerning the brand-new 24-man raid, let’s take your fellow to explore it, and recover the sopils of a lost civilization. By the way, It’s important to note that Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale, it’s the best time to buy it.

Albion: The Trailer For The Galahad Update Shows Off A New UI

For Albion Online the latest trailer has been unveiled, forthcoming released game was highly-anticipated by gamers. The trailer for the Galahad update shows off a new UI that should make the game easier to play, particularly in tablet screens. What’s more, new biome cities as well as new landscape also was introduced to the game, including new PvE expeditions, better visual effect and more amazing spells and more improvements.


Galahad, as the last major update of the final beta, Galahad brings a lot about how the game operates. Apart from UI changes, bugfixes as well as quality-of-life tweaks, more importantly, Sandbox is changing the fundamentals of the game world. More new update and latest guides and tips:

Realistically, Albion Online looks to be a lot more exciting, it’s said to that the pattern of risk scaling with reward is staying the same, nonetheless, resources will now be located within different types of biomes. It’s still linked to changes to fast travel, essentially, just like jump clones, trading in high-value goods, and intercepting them.

Albion Online is based around player freedom, this ranges from building to harvesting resources, there are over 50 different buildings, and gamers can play a different role. There are no Character levels or experience points in the game, the player defines himself only with the items he carries. The Economy is based off of resources and buildings, there is a public marketplace in the game where you can go to sell resources, which others can use to build their towns, hamlets, or cities.

FFXIV Storyline And New Dungeons: Daddy Of Light

The whole setup of Final Fantasy XIV had come full circle, additionally, the new dungeons is linked to the storyline, althought you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting to get to this part. There are major storyline revelations to be had, mostly in the ending cutscene, you probably already know who the final boss is, but just to be on the safe side.The previously main patch brings with it more scenario quests, like three new dungeons, Wanderer’s Palace Hard, World of Darkness raid, a battle against the primal Odin.


Today, thanks to Netflix, Japan’s unique Final Fantasy XIV-based drama is making its way to the rest of the world. Daddy of Light isn’t really an adaptation of the hit MMO — it’s a live-action show that focuses on a father and son who play the game together.

In fact, it’s not the first Japanese drama Netflix has picked up — the service also carries popular shows like Hibana: Spark — but it’s still a good get, given the power of the Final Fantasy brand. And yes, it does seem like it’ll keep the Daddy of Light moniker when it heads to the West.

The son gives his gamer dad a copy of Final Fantasy XIV for PlayStation 4 and some game time cards as a gift. As the father gets into the game, the son joins him online, helping him through FFXIV without revealing his true identity. The son wrote the blog, detailing his experiences with his unknowing dad.