Handle the criticism differently: FIFA’s Sepp Blatter vs. NFL’s Roger Goodell

Handle the criticism differently

NFL and FIFA are both famous sports-league in the world, who have meet some crisis in the last past year, but they handle the criticism with entirely different ways. The end of controversy would never come, although Super Bowl XLIX has come and gone, and American professional football is over until September, there are always some people fulling with criticism after all.

Each week there are new developments and wrinkles in the ongoing, separate legal cases of both Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, who were the two most prominent among a handful of NFL players involved in off-field conduct scandals last year. Roger Goodell, embattled commissioner of the nearly-$10 billion business of football, hasn’t been able to stay out of the harsh spotlight for very long. Just when fans may have been forgetting the bad PR that came from the Rice, Peterson, and Greg Hardy domestic abuse issues, he had to deal with so-called “Deflategate,” a confusing, ongoing story involving under-inflated footballs used by the New England Patriots in the NFL Playoffs. And this week, the Internet is buzzing over a scandal that hasn’t even really happened yet: the possibility of a video involving Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, allegedly engaging in violence against a woman outside of a Wal-Mart in Texas.

There’s another prominent sports league executive having a tough winter: Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, the governing body of international soccer. (Sports blogger Joseph Flynn, writing at The Cauldron, jokingly imagined a phone call between the two, on which Blatter congratulates Goodell for, “your callous disregard for your players’ health, blatant control of the media and ham-handed use of propaganda.”) The 2022 World Cup plan has been called, in various foreign newspapers: “corrupt and dishonest“; “a disaster of contradictions“; and, “deserving of a red card.” In 2010, FIFA awarded the Cup to Qatar, in a decision that surprised many. The country, and its capital city of Doha, did not look (and, reports indicate, still doesn’t) anywhere close to ready and capable of hosting such a major, high-traffic event. Although it is seven years away, there is news relating to the 2022 World Cup every week—most of it bad. Blatter has had to deal with: corruption charges (cleared by FIFA’s ethics committee); dangerous worker conditions on World Cup construction sites (a combined 997 documented deaths of Nepalese and Indian workers in Qatar between 2012 and 2014); and now, angry European club teams that demand to be compensated for the disruptions that will result from FIFA’s decision to move the World Cup to the winter months from summer. (This week, UTfifa15coins.com announced that it will not compensate teams for these costs beyond its usual player insurance fund.)

Handle the criticism differently

But FIFA is typically unapologetic about its controversial decisions, and the most recent news has been no different. Jerome Valcke, FIFA secretary general, said at a press conference this week, “It’s not perfect, we know that, but why are we talking about compensation? Why should we apologize to the clubs? I definitely don’t feel I have to apologize for the decision.” Blatter himself acts as FIFA does: he stands by its decisions, denies wrongdoing or missteps, backs up his colleagues. Just today, speaking to reporters in Belfast, Blatter disputed the notion of European teams being “furious,” saying, “They are not so furious—[but] they are not so very happy—and it’s so good now to make a little noise about FIFA and the World Cup in Qatar, but they have more than six years to prepare, and where there is goodwill there will be a solution. The European clubs are not so happy but they should be in solidarity. This is the important thing.”

Goodell has handled his own crisis differently. He has held multiple press conferences in which he has acknowledged mistakes and accepted blame (“We have seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong,” “the same mistakes cannot be repeated,” “we didn’t get it right”). He set up a new “conduct committee” made up of seven men and two women, and a “social responsibility team” made up of four women. But none of it has gone over well with critics of the league, who continue to call for his resignation.

There is a key difference between the crises Blatter and Goodell have had to manage. For Blatter, the problems have all really been one single problem, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. (There are, however, new reports of issues regarding the 2018 World Cup in Russia, too.) Blatter has spent the last five years, since granting Qatar its bid, responding to criticism of this one planned event. Goodell, on the other hand, has had a veritable stream of issues involving individual players, adding up to an avalanche over the past two years.

Aaron Hernandez (facing murder charges), Ausar Walcott (assault charges), Sam Hurd (sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking), Kellen Winslow (suspended for drug policy violations), Daryl Washington (suspended for drug policy violations), Josh Gordon (suspended for drug policy violations), Greg Hardy (criminal charges for domestic abuse dismissed, but currently suspended pending personal conduct policy review), Rice, and Peterson are all players who have had trouble with the law in the past two years—and the list goes on. The NFL has not been quite able to control the behavior of its players when they aren’t playing. And, separately, Goodell’s handling of the Patriots ball-deflation scandal—which has confused fans, interested the media to no end, and remains under NFL investigation—has also been derided. In the days after the story first broke, just one week before the Super Bowl, he remained quiet, and by not swiftly acting, allowed the story to become a media circus that overshadowed the Super Bowl and the eventual victory by the Patriots.

Handle the criticism differently

Another difference between these two powerful sports execs is that, while Blatter is certainly an object of criticism, he manages to become part and parcel with FIFA itself, which is where critics direct their scorn. Goodell hasn’t been as lucky—the brunt of anger has appeared to go directly at him, as a leader, rather than at the NFL as a whole.

Roger Goodell isn’t going anywhere. He has said as much, and the NFL’s owners, who share its ever-growing revenue, reportedly like him and wish to keep him in power. Blatter, for now, isn’t going anywhere either. Goodell will no doubt hope that the next NFL season brings a fresh slate; Blatter won’t get that chance for seven years, when the world finally finds out if Qatar can handle hosting a World Cup. Both leaders have fumbled, and reacted differently to these fumbles, but are still out there on the field, like it or not.

Should some footballers get downgrades on weekly update

get downgrades, weekly update

It has already became a tradition for EA Sports to release a Team of the Week package, which includes 11 of the best performing footballers over the past week. EA also decide footballers’ upgrades or downgrades, according to their performance in the real world. You can save some FIFA 15 Coins when the footballer you like have got downgrades.

Whenever these updates are released we’ll be trawling through teams in Europe’s top five leagues and bringing you notable downgrades and some player who we think deserved downgrades. Some of these players will have already received downgrades but their inclusion in this list means that we believe he needs a slightly bigger decrease.

To start off we’ll look at some players who are on the decline and once again World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is down to 91, a result of his indifferent form. Interestingly it is worth noting that rival for the Ballon d’Or. Lionel Messi of Barcelona’s good form has seen him taken up to 96.

Messi ronaldo

Interestingly despite scoring in Napoli’s 2-0 win over Sassuolo Slovakian international Marek Hamsik has been taken down by one whilst Gervinho’s poor performance in Roma’s 1-1 draw away at Verona has seen him suffer a similar fate. Amusingly despite putting in a pretty good performance during yet another convincing Bayern Munich victory Jerome Boateng is on the decline, perhaps it’s because he didn’t score…

get downgrades, weekly update

Mousa Dembele – Tottenham Hotspur

One player we were surprised to remain in the green was Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Mousa Dembele. Admittedly the Belgian was pretty good during the 3-2 defeat at Anfield but that a couple of weeks ago now.

He was positively woeful during the first 45 of the 2-2 draw with West Ham on Sunday and it was no surprise to see Mauricio Pochettino take him off at half-time. Dembele has so much talent in his feet that it makes him an incredibly frustrating player because he doesn’t manage to produce more regularly. That he is still rated as one of Spurs’ best player due to his increase form is baffling to us.

Vurnon Anita – Newcastle United

Frankly every single Newcastle player could be on the end of a big downgrade after their shocking performance against Manchester City but it is the man who set the wheels in motion, Vurnon Anita, who we think deserves the biggest downgrade. It was the Dutchman’s lax play that saw him give away the ball and then give away the penalty that saw Newcastle concede in the opening minutes.

It is important to point out that Anita has actually been taken down but some Newcastle players remain untouched and we’re surprised that EA have been so generous with the ratings of the players. The Magpies’ game against Aston Villa on Saturday will be a big test and surely another poor performance will result in bigger drops?

Robin van Persie – Manchester United

Like Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria Robin van Persie remains on the decline for Manchester United after another poor performance during the club’s 2-1 defeat to Swansea City on the weekend. Given that the Dutchman is unlikely to play against Sunderland it will mean he hasn’t scored a single goal from open play in February.

The drop in his stats is not surprising but we think that surely he deserves a slightly bigger knock? He may be United’s top scorer in the league this season but his form recently has not been good enough and at some point FIFA will probably have to give him another drop.

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea

Yet again in 2015 Fabregas produced another disappointing display for Chelsea, failing to really have much of an impact during the club’s 1-1 draw with Burnley on Saturday. Nemanja Matic’s red card, and manager Jose Mourinho’s subsequent rant, distracted attention from the performance of Fabregas but the Spaniard is certainly not reaching the levels he produced during 2014.

get downgrades, weekly update

Incredibly despite this Fabregas still hasn’t been downgraded and he remains a brilliant player to use, and we’re not sure how much longer that can continue for. Part of the problem for the midfielder is his recovery from a hamstring injury, illness, and being played in different positions but with Matic missing for Sunday’s Capital One Cup he has to step up and produce.

Ron Vlaar – Aston Villa

It is hard to imagine that new Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood could have endured a worse start to his Premier League tenure at Villa Park. Having taken the lead against Stoke City they were then pegged back and conceded a stoppage time penalty to see three points evaporate from their grasp.

The man who gave away the penalty, and effectively lost his team a point, was captain Ron Vlaar whose performances levels have been horribly inconsistent as talk around his future continues to rise. The Dutchman’s contract is up at the end of the year and although it doesn’t look likely that he’ll sign a new deal it’s also unclear where he’ll end up moving. He’s another he should have received more of a downgrade than he did, not exactly a happy return to the first team.

FIFA 15: Robben, Pirlo and David Silva move to TOTW cards

FIFA 15, TOTW cards

If you are a fan of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, you must have found some superstars like Robben, Adreea Pirlo, David Silva and Griezmann in the new package of Team of the Week, which was released by EA Sports in the latest day, the only question is that do you have enough FIFA 15 Coins?

The attack of the Team of the Week has some solid firepower which will give players plenty of options in front of goal with the French and the German team leaders joined by Commons from Celtic.

In midfield, football lovers will be able to get access to a line of four that features: Silva on the right, Candreva on the left, and Pirlo with Rablot in the center.

FIFA 15, TOTW cards

The defensive line is made up of the usual three: Skrtel, Rolando and Rosales.

The goalkeeper for the EA Sports-built team is Agassa.

Gamers can also pick up seven substitutes for their Ultimate Team squad, some of which might be useful on the pitch and others who are destined to be traded.
FIFA 15 is ramping up the content delivery

Recently, the team at EA Sports has introduced Bobby Moore, the most important player in the history of the England national team, for the Legends side of the Ultimate Team mode, with a set of characteristics that rival those of the best modern players.

He is only offered on the Xbox One, but gamers on all platforms can now use the various players who have received a range of updates from the studio in the past two weeks based on their performances over the first half of the season.

FIFA 15, TOTW cards

All winter transfers that took place in the real world are now reflected in FIFA 15 as well, with gamers able to experience accurate rosters in all modes.

EA Sports has also been recruiting music stars and players to play the sim in order to draw in a larger potential audience for the title.

It is unlikely that the developers will deliver another patch for FIFA 15 before the company shifts most of its focus to the new title in the series, which will probably receive a full reveal for its features before E3 2015.

Goals Everywhere: FIFA 15 Premier League Best Finishing XI

Goals Everywhere, FIFA 15

It is very interesting to put together a wonderfully crafted move full of lovely intricate passes on FIFA 15, which is loved by thousands of FIFA fans and costs most of their FIFA 15 Coins, You may feel nervous when you have a low finishing stat at an important time. Everyone who plays FIFA 15 always talk about Pace, which is well-know and a key in the game.

With that in mind we have created the best finishing eleven from Premier League players these lads have the ability to put the ball in the net from all over the pitch and these are the kings of the finesse shots. Every player in this team had to be a gold star player and as we found out when building the team we didn’t have to leave anyone out. Let’s have a look at the team.

GK: Asmir Begovic – Stoke City

Only five goalkeepers in Premier League history have scored goals and three remain currently active in the top league Asmir Begovic, Tim Howard and Brad Friedel. Of these the former is the most recent to score and he is arguably the best on current form. For that reason he is the player we have chosen to be the goalkeeper in the side given the similar finishing stats of most goalkeepers.

RB: Seamus Coleman – Everton

Coleman will go down in Premier League history as one of the biggest bargains and his £60,000 transfer fee looks even more impressive due to the high transfer fees being bandied about at the moment. His finishing stat is 66 which isn’t too surprising given the five goals he scored last season bombing on from right-back, something you should look to exploit.

CB: Vlad Chiriches – Tottenham Hotspur

We’ll be honest we were a bit surprised to see Chiriches in this list but he the second best finishing centre-back with a stat of 59. His only goal to date for Spurs was during the 2-1 win over Fulham back in December 2013 but he’s yet to get off the mark in the league this season. He does have a shot power stat of 81 though perhaps one of the few players in this team where power is better than finesse.

Goals Everywhere, FIFA 15

CB: Jan Vertonghen – Tottenham Hotspur

In his first season with the club Vertonghen showed his prowess with four goals in the Premier League but in the past two seasons he hasn’t scored once in the league. Nevertheless he is always a goal option as he showed during the 2-1 victory over Sunderland recently when he had one goal marked down as an own goal and another bizarrely ruled out.

LB: Leighton Baines – Everton

Over the past three seasons in the Premier League no defender has scored more goals than Baines (12). Whilst we concede most of these are from set-pieces it doesn’t detract from the fact that Baines is a wonderfully talented player and a good example of modern, attacking full-backs. He’s a threat with his clever runs and his ability from set-pieces makes him a valuable asset to the side.

RM: Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal

Sanchez is Arsenal’s top scorer with 12 league goals and already during his brief career in the Premier League he has shown that he is capable of moments of magic. His influence may have waned in the past couple of months but he remains a crucial player for Arsenal and he will be for you with his pace and close control.

CM: Yaya Toure – Manchester City

When Yaya Toure was at the African Cup of Nations City won just one game without him, which highlighted that whilst he may not necessarily be the most talented player at the club he is the most important. Toure is the gel that holds City together and his finishing stat of 82 is just one of many above the magical 80 mark. He’s one of the best central midfielders in the world and a player who is truly capable of scoring from anywhere.

CM: Frank Lampard – Manchester City

Last season Yaya Toure scored 20 goals in the Premier League but the record for goals scored by a midfielder in one season still stands with his team-mate Frank Lampard during Chelsea’s double winning side of the 2009-10 season. Lampard is arguably the greatest goalscoring midfielder in history given his record and this season he has chipped in with five goals, including that late goal against former club Chelsea. His finishing stat is deservedly up at 82.

Goals Everywhere, FIFA 15

LM: Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Last season Hazard scored 14 goals in the league and given he has nine already he could be on course to beat that. The Belgian wide man is such a talented player and he is the hub of this Chelsea team, he’s the man they look to for inspiration. His finishing stat is up at 83 and with a dribbling stat of 92 he is an absolute nightmare for opponents to deal with and one of the best in the game to play with.

ST: Diego Costa – Chelsea

Along with Sergio Aguero Costa is the top scorer in the Premier League at the moment with 17 goals but despite this we’re still not sure he deserves the highest finishing stat in the league of 92. Aguero is arguably a more natural finisher and regardless of who you think is the better striker the Argentine is surely the better finisher. Nevertheless Costa makes the team which is great news for us, his strength and pace means he is one of the best forwards in the game.

ST Falcao – Manchester United

Now given that we were surprised to see Costa lead the finishing stats in the Premier League you can imagine our reaction when we saw that Falcao (91) is ahead of Aguero (90). Even ignoring the fact that Falcao’s form is a shadow of what he is capable we think Aguero is just that little bit better. Nevertheless it’s the Colombian who makes the team and unlike Costa Falcao does not have the pace to make him a real threat. Your best bet is to send in crosses and use his aerial prowess.

Teenage Galactico is the future of football

Martin Odegaard made his professional debut in a Real Madrid shirt on Sunday, who is a talented Norwegian footballer. He is full of space for development, because he is so young, he is four or five years younger than his teammates in Real Madrid Castilla. People thinks that he will be a great footballer in the near future.

There was not a man on that field at Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium in Madrid who was able to match the experience that Odegaard already has — or the $45,000 a week that he is reported to be making, with some stories having him making far more.

He doesn’t train with embryonic players; he trains every day alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and the rest of the superstars of the first team. Odegaard is among the 23 names that Madrid has registered for the next round of the Champions League — and if the team is in a position to give him playing time in the coming weeks, it is not out of the question he could play against the Germans of Schalke 04.

But it would not be his Champions League debut either, because Odegaard played in a qualifying round for the Norwegian club Stromsgodset last July.

Teenage Galactico is the future of football

Odegaard has represented Norway at the full international level for months now. He has played — and scored — in the senior league in Norway since last April, and he has been giving grown men the runaround in training since he was 14.

During his debut game with Stromsgodset, at 15 years and 117 days old, the creative midfielder was able to carve out a goal for a team-mate. “He loses three or four guys, and I get to score,” Thomas Sorum, the Stromsgodset striker, told local reporters. “That’s a good deal!”
Sorum, 32, is old enough to have played in the same team with Hans Erik Odegaard, Martin’s father. By the time Martin was 7, his father was dedicating 20 hours a week to help nurture such an outstanding prodigy.

So is this nature or nurture? The question came up again and again back in the 1970s when I worked on a book with Trevor Francis, a teenage phenomenon who became England’s first player to switch clubs for one million pounds.
It was Bill Shankly, the sage among coaches at that time, who answered the question. “Coaches don’t make great players,” Shankly said, “mothers and fathers make great players. It is in the genes.”

Francis’s father, like Odegaard’s, passed on a passion for the sport. Trevor, like Martin, had that something extra, the ability to command the ball, to read the play and to glide away from experienced opponents as if they were statues. Francis may have been dogged by injures as his body developed, but that did not deter him.

It is now up to Real Madrid’s managers, Carlo Ancelotti with the senior team and Zinedine Zidane with the developmental squad, to guide Odegaard. And it is up to Ronaldo and company to accept this precocious kid, and so far the stars have made encouraging noises around him.

They may see what top scouts and managers have spotted: that this is an exceptional kid. Real effectively won an auction that had gone on for 18 months, though it accelerated once Odegaard turned 16, a week before Christmas.

He was by then on his own grand tour with his father, visiting Bayern Munich, Liverpool, the Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Ajax and, of course, Real Madrid. “Obviously, there is a beautiful bride,” broadcast Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Bayern’s chief executive and a former striker for the German club. “We are many grooms waiting on the doorstep. Maybe we are the best looking groom.”
Apparently not. Bayern wooed the Odegaards, but Madrid – with Zidane quite persuasive by all accounts – won the affection and the signature of the boy.
Good coaches, among them Norway’s national team manager, Per-Mathias Hogmo, say they are astonished, not simply by Odegaard’s left foot, but by his awareness of everything around him during play and his ability to make the right decision.
They say Odegaard is an old head on young shoulders.

Some might ask how is this legal to sign a player so young? Barcelona is banned from buying players until 2016 because it breached a FIFA regulation by signing players under the age of 18 from outside its region. Real Madrid — which doesn’t have Barcelona’s longstanding record of educating youngsters (including Lionel Messi from age 13 on) — is now also being subjected to FIFA scrutiny over the signing of 51 players.

Teenage Galactico is the future of football

But Real says that it has done nothing wrong and that the youth players under its wing came from properly registered teams or from within the FIFA limit of 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) from the club or from inside the European Union.
Odegaard already had professional status, and Norway is a member of the European Free Trade Association, which counts for the EU designation.

It is complicated, it is business, and it is FIFA. Only time will tell if Odegaard is a shooting star, a shining light like those of the extraordinary auroras in the Norwegian sky. If he is, in fact, a youth way ahead of his years, closer to his peak at age 16 than his team-mates are to theirs at age 20.

To sustain that peak, as Messi and Ronaldo have done, takes an obsessive amount of dedication that goes beyond the gifts developed from childhood on.
But the other side of early stardom can be burnout, and should Odegaard get on the field in the Champions League in the next two months, he might eclipse Celestine Babayaro as the youngest player to debut in the Champions League proper.

Babayaro, born in Nigeria, set the record in 1994 with Anderlecht at 16 years and 87 days. But by the time he was 30, after stints with Chelsea and Newcastle, Babayaro was injured and disillusioned, out of the game and headed for bankruptcy.

To get more information of Odegaard on UTfifa15coins.com, you will be happy to see the progress on his professional career. He need never go down that route, but reaching his full potential takes more than talent; it takes perseverance.

EA servers down again on Feb 14

EA servers down,

I am really angery that EA servers was down again, I were going to play the FIFA 15 with my friends yesterday morning, and what happened next really annoy me, i can’t connect to the EA servers, which have already happened so many times. I spend lots of money buying FIFA 15 Coins, i am the customer, don’t EA know “Customer is god” ?

The FIFA 15 problems started early on Saturday in the UK, or for late night gamers in the United States. While there were a few reports coming in on Twitter about server issues in the US, this outage seems to be focused in Europe with Germany and the UK being most hit.

We have investigated official support channels for EA and FIFA 15, although the only reports about problems talk about “issues affecting the FUT Store”. This glitch took place more than 15 hours ago, so it cannot be related to the problems hitting EA and FIFA 15 servers right now.

Are you able to play FIFA 15 online today and if not, what location are services down for you on Feb 14? We have contacted EA Sports FIFA on Twitter and EA directly, although there hasn’t been a response at this time.

EA servers down,

We have included some tweets above left on Twitter a few moments ago, which reveal players trying to find out exactly what’s going on with EA servers right now. As you can see, it looks like this is EA server problems and impacting more than just FIFA 15. Battlefield and Madden have also been mentioned.

Update: EA Support issued a statement late last night explaining the “FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps”. They mentioned that this will be the case, “until further notice”, as they are performing “important maintenance”.

Zebras’ great progress on FIFA ranking

Zebras, great progress

We can easy to know that Zebras are now ranked 105 in the world, which is really a good grades to this national soccer team. They lost 3-0 in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) against Senegal last year. They have been inactive after they focus on the local league, they the winner of Africa Cup of Nations.

The continental showpiece, which was won by Ivory Coast, has had an impact on the latest rankings and saw the hosts, Equatorial Guinea move up 69 places. They are now ranked 49th in the world after finishing fourth in the tournament. They have reached the top 50 for the first time since the introduction of the global ladder.

Algeria remains the highest ranked team in Africa despite their disappointing showing at the continental tournament. They are still ranked number 18 in the world.

Côte d’Ivoire (20th, up eight) who edged Ghana (25th, up 12) on penalties in the final moved eight places up. Ghana are ranked 25th in the world after moving 12 places up while Congo DR moved 11 places up to position 46.

Congo (49th, up 12) have also profited from their performances in the tournament to ascend 12 rungs. Meanwhile new Asian champions, Australia (63rd, up 37), beaten finalists Korea Republic (54th, up 15), United Arab Emirates (66th, up 14), Iraq (94th, up 20), China PR (82nd, up 14) and Iran (41st, up 10) have all climbed at least 10 places.

Zebras, great progress

Iran’s rise meant that Asia once again has a team in the top 50.

In addition to the above climbers, the following teams have risen more than 10 places: Pakistan (171st, up 17), Mauritania (123rd, up 15) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (110th, up 11). The latter two have benefited from a devaluation of past results, while Pakistan won a friendly against Afghanistan recently.

Costa Rica (13th, up three) have also reached their highest-ever position following a devaluation of past results. The progress made by Asian and African teams was also reflected in the composition of the top 50. As already mentioned, the AFC is represented by one team, while CAF has increased its quota by one to 12 and UEFA has to make do with 28, a fall of two.

CONMEBOL (six), CONCACAF (three) and the OFC (0) have the same number of teams in the top 50 as at January. (Additional reporting by UTfifa15coins.com)


FIFA 15 Simulation between the slowest XI and the worst positioning XI

FIFA 15 Simulation,

Wembley Stadium is a very famous stadium, which have held many excellent games, such as the Champions League finals between Manchester United in 2011, which attracts a lot of game lovers. And there will be a FIFA 15 simulation between the Slowest XI and the Worst Positioning XI, this will be really interesting after all.

As the teams walked out onto this famous ground – with the Worst Positioning team already coming out of the wrong dressing – the crowd could barely control themselves in anticipation for this clash of the titans. The teams had already been created on FIFA 15 and you can see the original articles here for the Pace XI and here for the Worst Positioning XI. We sat down, ready to watch the events that were about to unfold.

FIFA 15 Simulation,

Worst positioning XIThe game got off to a steady start with the two teams sizing each other up and trying to work out how they stacked up against their opponents. Early on Aston Villa’s Charles N’Zogbia was the main threat for the Positioning XI, causing all sorts of chaos with his close control and passing skills. The Slow XI were really struggling to string together any kind of attack with a perplexing preference to ping balls over the top that Peter Crouch and Rickie Lambert, unsurprisingly, couldn’t get on the end of.

After half an hour we had the first clear cut chance when Marc Alrighton sent over a glorious ball into the box but Chris Baird had run too far forward and stretching to reach the ball he could only head over. The next chance fell to Lambert who was played through by Crouch but he took so long to run forward and cut inside onto his left foot that Chris Smalling had recovered and made the tackle.

Ten minutes later we had the break through when Emmanuel Riviere burst through but Mikel Arteta, struggling to keep up, floored the French striker. Luckily Riviere had managed to get his pass off and N’Zogbia wasted no time in firing the ball past Rob Green. Five minutes later N’Zogbia was sent through again and Paul Konchesky lunged in trying to win the ball but he missed the ball and gave away the penalty, joining Arteta in the book. N’Zogbia stepped up and calmly slotted the bal down the middle, fooling Green.

Neither side made a change during the break and that might have been a mistake for the Slowest XI as they quickly fell further behind when Billy Jones waltzed his way through the right side, played the ball off to Rivere who found N’Zogbia with the Villa man slotting home for his hat-trick.

FIFA 15 Simulation,

Just minutes after that it was 4-0 when John Obi Mikel, acting as the team’s deep-lying playmaker, threaded a perfect ball through and N’Zogbia’s pace took him clear before he finished well. The Slow XI decided they had to make a change but they weren’t exactly inspiring substitutes with Gareth Barry and Tom Huddlestone replacing Arteta and Frank Lampard. Barry immediately summed up his team’s afternoon, blazing high and wide from a free-kick in a good position.

The Worst Positioning XI brought on Claudio Yacob for Baird and they then made another change, bringing on Saido Berahino for Riviere, aware that their opponents were becoming even slower due to fatigue. The final change for the Slowest XI was Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud who came on for Crouch but the Frenchman was woefully ineffective, hardly getting involved in the game at all. The final sub for their opponents saw N’Zogbia come off to a standing ovation with team-mate Gabriel Agbonlahor coming on in his stead.

Come to the UTfifa15coins.com for FIFA 15 simulation video, the standout performer for the victors was undeniably N’Zogbia but Mikel also deserves a mention for completing 92% of his passes, winning 14/17 of his dribbles and generally providing a calming influence in front of the defence.


Nigeria has moved one place up in FIFA ranking

Nigeria, FIFA ranking

The new FIFA ranking was released yesterday, some changes have already happened. Although Nigeria was absent from Africa Cup of NatSion, they still moves one place up from 43rd to 42nd.

African and Asian countries on the whole, fared better, but the top 10 remain constant.

The Eagles are now the seventh-ranked African side behind Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Tunisia, Cape Verde Island and Senegal.

The AFC Asian Cup and CAF Africa Cup of Nations have accounted for movement aplenty on February’s FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking, despite the top ten remaining unchanged.

Côte d’Ivoire (20th, up 8) edged Ghana (25th, up 12) on penalties in the latter’s final, while its losing semi-finalists, Congo DR (46th, up 11) and hosts Equatorial Guinea (49th, up 69), have made huge climbs to reach the top 50 for the first time since the introduction of the global ladder. Congo (49th, up 12) have also profited from their performances in the tournament to ascend 12 spots.

Meanwhile new Asian champions Australia (63rd, up 37), beaten finalists Korea Republic (54th, up 15), United Arab Emirates (66th, up 14), Iraq (94th, up 20), China PR (82nd, up 14) and Iran (41st, up 10) have all climbed at least ten places. Iran’s rise means that Asia once again has a team in the top 50.

Nigeria, FIFA ranking

World champions Germany remain top of the pile after while Argentina sit in second position with 1534 points.

Colombia, Belgium and the Netherlands are third, fourth and fifth respectively while Brazil remain sixth on the Fifa Ranking.

Former world champions, Spain dropped a place to the tenth position after amassing 1144 points.

In Africa, Algeria remain the highest ranked African team having placed 18th in the world as newly crowned African kings, Cote d’Ivoire are second on the continent after they moved eight places up while Ghana climbed 12 steps up to the 25th position and 3rd in Africa.

Equatorial Guinea who finished fourth at the 2015 African football showpiece are the highest movers after climbing 69 places up the ladder to the 49th position in the world.

According to the statistics of UTfifa15coins.com, the following teams have risen by more than ten places: Pakistan (171st, up 17), Mauritania (123rd, up 15) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (110th, up 11).

New transfer fees record: $466 million spent in winter transfer

transfer fees, FIFA

The “Big 5” countries has spend $466 million on Winter transfer in the 2014-15 winter window according to FIFA’s analysis, which have created a new transfer fees record!

According to FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (FIFA TMS), research from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain showed that while there was a two percent decrease in activity (452 incoming international transfers) compared to the same period last year, spending increased by 36 percent.

England’s Premier League was by far the top spender with $173 million, followed by Germany’s Bundesliga with a spending level of $116 million. In contrast, France’s Ligue 1 clubs spent 50 percent less in the most recent window compared to last year.

In total, 79 percent of the 452 transfers came from countries outside the “Big 5,” with the top three nationalities sought out being British (54), Spanish (44) and French (36).

Two big January deals saw Andre Schurrle move to Wolfsburg with Fiorentina’s Juan Cuadadro replacing him at Chelsea.

The Premier League is set to continue its dominance in terms of spending following a 70 percent increase in the value of its British television rights for the 2016-19 seasons.

transfer fees, FIFA

Sky and BT are paying a combined 5.136 billion pounds ($7.8 billion) to show games, with the broadcasters paying more than 10 million pounds ($15.2 million) to screen each game.

Meanwhile the Bundesliga announced in January it had achieved a record turnover for the 10th year in a row , with numbers going up by 124.8 percent since 2004 and 13 of the 18 top-flight clubs posting a profit last season.

DELOITTE MONEY LEAGUE — 10 RICHEST TEAMS (according to the statistics of UTfifa15coins.com)

1. Real Madrid, £459.5 million

2. Manchester United, £433.2 million

3. Bayern Munich, £407.7 million

4. Barcelona, £405.2 million

5. Paris Saint-Germain, £396.5 million

6. Manchester City, £346.5 million

7. Chelsea, £324.4 million

8. Arsenal, £300.5 million

9. Liverpool, £255.8 million

10. Juventus, £233.6 million