FIFA Hints:Never go to bed on a loss


There are a few topics that don’t earn their own subcategory, but are important all the same.

Rushing the kicker: When you are lined up in the wall defending a free kick, hit A/X before the kick is taken and one of your guys will enter a runner stance. As soon as the attacker kicks the ball, you will have that guy rush the kicker. This doesn’t do too much to stop the kick, but gets your player in a better spot for a counterattack if you happen to clear the ball back down the field.

Push your guys down field: When your goalie has the ball, he now can tell your team to move further down the field and get ready to receive a big boot toward the other team’s goal. This is another great feature in FIFA 15. While your goalie is holding the ball, tap the RB/R1 button on the controller to have your goalie motion to you team to move up. This is a great tactic to take if you are down a goal and time is getting short.

Stay on goal line: Most FIFA pros already know that if you hold Y/Triangle when you are on defense, you pull your goalie out to rush the attacker. What is new this year is that if you double tap the same button, it will pull your goalie out to the line and he will stay there. You can do this when you expect a break and you don’t want to hold Y/Triangle, allowing you to focus on the defender you control.

That about wraps up the new advanced skills brought into the wonderful world of FIFA 15. We hope these tips help you run up the score on whoever challenges you.