Make FIFA 15 Coins During TOTY Guide


FIFA 15 TOTY is Coming around corner, as usual which definitely lead to an unavoidable market crash when hundreds of thousands of FUTers open their Gold or Happy Hour packs contained defenders, midfielders and attackers last year in the hope of getting a TOTY in-form! Maybe, some smarter FUTers have already sold their expensive players or consumables before the many FUTmas pack offers went live and the anticipation of a market crash kicked in.Here we share a few tips for making fifa coins during FIFA 15 TOTY.

Tip one:Making Coins with Players
1).Be first to predict who will be featured in the TOTY, meaning that gamers can buy some normal versions of the anticipated TOTY
2).Then try to buy back some players that were sold few days ago. Gamers can see their coins increase from when they originally had the team a few weeks back.
3).Last but not least, stock up on cheap Gold players and hold on to them since some Gold player will be going to steep fall in prices, even less than half of their original values, when the crash is in its full swing.

Tip two:Making Coins with Consumables
1).While making coins with consumables, stock up on many consumables of low prices.
2).Find what appeals to you the most. Cheap consumables, especially squad fitness, Chemistry Styles Positional change cards, will flood the transfer market during the crash and then gamers can make numerous FIFA coins if investing the right types as soon as the TOTY in-forms out of available in packs.
3).Move quickly. With everything listed in the Transfer Market, gamers can sell cards right on 1 hour listing cycles with their Start or Buy Now prices very close together.

FIFA 15 TOTY Prediction:Midfielder

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The TOTY (Team of the Year) of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a group of eleven players which attributes are much improved. The prices ??of these players often reach the millions of FIFA 15 Coins, which of course has influence on the market value of all other players. in the upcoming 2014 TOTY, which midfielders will be involved into the TOTY? In the following, let us check the most excellent midfielder in 2014.


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CM: Tony. Kross (Bayern / Madrid / Germany): In this year German and Brazil world cup, he is the main midfielder who contributes to the champion. 13/14 season, he leads Bayern to get the Series A champion. This summer, he turns to Madrid. Kross has been the main midfielder substituting Madrid.


CM: Modric (Madrid / Croatia): He has dreamy performance this year and leads Madrid to get the 4 champions, especially for the European Champion. But in the world cup, his performance is not so good.




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CAM: Di Maria (Madrid / Manchester United / Argentina): He is the biggest hero for Madrid and King’s Cup. Finally, he breaks up the record and leave. In World Cup, his performance is quite excellent. Due to his sickness, Maria misses the matches. If Maria joins in the match, Argentina may be the champion.




FIFA 15 Diving-Penalty kick to,Win the game

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Yes, we said diving. We know it is somewhat of a dirty word in football. Besides, players never intentionally flop to receive a call. No one has ever over exaggerated a small shirt pull into a huge spectacle that results in bodies hitting grass. No way did our favorite player launch himself onto the ground to get a penalty kick to maybe win the game!

OK, let’s be honest and take a step in the right direction by admitting that diving is a real thing in leagues today. That said, we bring this up for two reasons. First, there’s controversy. Some guys would rather get caught reading Fifty Shades of Grey on a train than get caught diving in football. Second, diving in FIFA 15 does not technically exist.

Nowhere in the game’s skills training section, basic controls, advanced or even mind control will you see how to dive or “double tap joystick to dive.” That being the case, we have a good amount of games under our belts to believe diving may exist. Call it Easter egg, glitch or Bigfoot sighting, and you can be the judge.

While on offense with the ball at your player’s feet, you need to have a defender on you jockeying for the ball. You need to wait for him to put a hand on you, either grabbing your shoulder or pulling at the bottom of your jersey. While this is going on, if you hit the lob pass/slide tackle button, there is a good chance your guy will go down and an even better chance it’ll appear to be a foul in the ref’s eyes.

After we discovered this, we spent plenty of time trying to duplicate our results with hit and miss outcomes. We think it may also depend on where the ball is at your feet. If it is literally right on top of your foot, you might just boot it away when attempting to dive. We seem to have better results when the ball is a little further ahead of our player, either at full sprint or if the defender slows us down enough with his jockeying.

Again, we’re not saying diving is 100 percent possible in FIFA 15 with an easy to hit button and a guaranteed outcome. However, it did happen enough to draw our attention.We’re sure everyone would love to learn how to do this. You know, to make sure we know what to stay away from. Besides, there is no room for flopping in football, right?

FIFA Hints:Never go to bed on a loss


There are a few topics that don’t earn their own subcategory, but are important all the same.

Rushing the kicker: When you are lined up in the wall defending a free kick, hit A/X before the kick is taken and one of your guys will enter a runner stance. As soon as the attacker kicks the ball, you will have that guy rush the kicker. This doesn’t do too much to stop the kick, but gets your player in a better spot for a counterattack if you happen to clear the ball back down the field.

Push your guys down field: When your goalie has the ball, he now can tell your team to move further down the field and get ready to receive a big boot toward the other team’s goal. This is another great feature in FIFA 15. While your goalie is holding the ball, tap the RB/R1 button on the controller to have your goalie motion to you team to move up. This is a great tactic to take if you are down a goal and time is getting short.

Stay on goal line: Most FIFA pros already know that if you hold Y/Triangle when you are on defense, you pull your goalie out to rush the attacker. What is new this year is that if you double tap the same button, it will pull your goalie out to the line and he will stay there. You can do this when you expect a break and you don’t want to hold Y/Triangle, allowing you to focus on the defender you control.

That about wraps up the new advanced skills brought into the wonderful world of FIFA 15. We hope these tips help you run up the score on whoever challenges you.


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3.Christmas Commercial Advert: Messi Vs Hazard
EA has released a video about the video between Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard. IN the video, we can see that they both play FUT game in a room with decorations. The advert is really a funny one. Although Hazard takes the head at the beginning, Messi also get goals quickly. Finally, they have the draw: 1:1.

Let us enjoy the festival and be immersed into the FIFA 15 Christmas holiday.

Best Midfielders(CM) in FIFA 15 Career Mode Recommended

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In FIFA 15,Midfielders play an important role.Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which midfielders you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best midfielders for FIFA 15 Career Mode.

Francesc Fabregas Soler: Injury Prone, Long Passer, Playmaker
Precise ability to move the ball; excellent capabilities for long pass and short pass; on the fierce field, Fabregas rarely miss the ball. Therefore, his dribbling abilities are quite excellent. And the positioning without ball matches his attack workrate hiling well. Generally speaking, you can quickly receive the ball and get scores.


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Andres Iniesta:Finesse Shot, Playmaker, Technical Dribbler
Excellent dribbling ability with 91 DRI and 4 –star skill moves; fast direction-change ability; strong ability to protect the ball; good passing accuracy. The only shortcoming is inadequate long-shooting ability.


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Yaya Toure:Leadership, Long Shot Taker, Playmaker
Toure has a very strong body. 93 stamina will support his long run to achieve a wide range of defense. Although he is quite tall, he also has perfect skills and good sense of overall situation.
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Be Careful Before Selecting Your FIFA Coins Supplier

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There are plenty of particular cautions make sure you require while you are heading to obtain FIFA coins online. Check out this information and know about them.

Prior to deciding to shop for anything, you might have to determine that which you will in reality demand. When you buy additional FIFA coins than you would like, you will be paying a lot of moolah. When you failed to purchase more than enough, you will have to shop for once again whilst you will burn the price reduction that utilized to some larger amount. Also have a look at once you’re going to pay for most of the FIFA coins now or when you could potentially go away just a few to obtain later. The worth tends to fall and also you could make some greater purchases.

Watch out as not every last FIFA coins sellers are truthful together with the scammers just want to cheat you and maintain your hard-earned money. We’ll recommend to buy with whom you ever utilized to pay for FIFA coins with or obtain for brand new sellers by checking the opinions. Understand that you happen to be executing the transactions which have not anything to try and do using this video game. You can’t complain to any individual when something went incorrect.

Whenever you are interested in a FIFA coin seller, you’ll definitely find the kinds who assure you miracles. You failed to ought to fork out everything whilst you can get FIFA coins automatically into your account. There’s not something like that. Practically never be carried absent and not ever give out your data.

You will see a large variety belonging to the price tags of FIFA coins provided online. Check out some market explore first to be aware of reference worth to save lots of your cash.

Finally, decide an agreed method of getting your FIFA  coins. The rule is you pay out moolah first of all and when which the vendor delivers the FIFA coins. There have already been lots of methods to transfer FIFA coins with your account. Select the a person among the to choose from ideas, which makes you are feeling relaxed and satisfactory. Some of the most applied kinds are: you place a card on sale with less or none price in a BIN that corresponds towards quantity of FIFA coins you each agreed or the seller supply you with the information of the account on which there’s a sufficient amount of cheap FIFA 15 coins you equally agreed.

Basic Instructions in FIFA 15 Gameplay

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These FIFA 15 gameplay tips can help you if you are the beginner. And you are a master, you can give me some advice.

Learn the Basics
Before starting getting a pro, learn the basics in FIFA 15. First off, download FIFA 15 manual. Go through all buttons and basic instructions. Then, try to do the skill mini games. This will help you to get comfortable and familiarised with the buttons as well as skill moves from goalkeeping to attacking. Once you have done these, you can start playing against AI (CPU) or a real player as in a multiplayer game.

I suggest you to start a season or a tournament (single or multiplayer). Starting a season will help you climb up the ladder step by step and become a pro as you promote to higher divisions.

Defending and Attacking
Defending and attacking in FIFA 15 have been changed and are different than in FIFA 14. It is better to lean how to defend before you try to learn on attacking. We have written an article on defending in FIFA 15. As for attacking tips, We also have written an article on attacking in FIFA 15. Read both instructions and go through the points given in them. Those tricks and guide will help you improve your offensive and defensive skills in FIFA 15 effectively.

And, don’t forget to be patient! – which is the key for winning in FIFA 15 matches. As mentioned before, attacking and defending
mechanics are changed in this game. There were lots of complains from FIFA fans to EA regarding this (especially regarding the
defensive mechanics). EA have improved the gameplay on defending in the latest update for FIFA 15 though.

Get Good at Set Pieces
Set pieces are good opportunity to score goals in real football. Same apples for in FIFA 15 gameplay. Free kicks and corner kicks are good opportunities for you to score goals. So, try to get good at them and learn how to make the most out of them.

Skill Moves
Knowing how to do FIFA 15 skills moves will affect your gameplay in a good way. If you’re new to FIFA 15 skill moves, you can see the tutorial video on FIFA 15 Beginner Skill Moves. For the new skill moves in FIFA 15, watch FIFA 15 New Skill Moves video.

Diving in FiFa 15

Learn How to Dive
Diving has been one of the most wanted features in FIFA 15 Wishlist last year. Now in FIFA 15 you can dive and draw a foul. This will help you to get your opponent penalised with a free kick or even a penally kick.

Here is how to dive in FIFA 15: To perform diving in FIFA 15, you need to be running on the ball and to to have our opponent’s defender(s) pulling your shirt or your hand. In such a situation, you just need to hit long pass (sliding tackle) button – Take note that it ONLY works when a defender is pulling or pushing you.

Throw in FiFa 15

Throw-in Tips
As long as the offside rule doesn’t apply for throw-in balls, a throw-in can help you to create a scoring situation. In FIFA 15, you are able to move the throw-in receiver by using the RS (Right Stick). To throw the ball to the receiver you need to push the short pass or long pass button – depending on the distance.

Throw-ins near your opponent’s box will give you opportunity to go for a cross or get a corner kick. Or at its best, throw the ball long in to the opponent’s penalty box so your receiver could head the ball directly to the goal.

Through the above steps you will be able to improve your FIFA 15 gameplay skills and get comfy with the new changes of the game.Of course,if you want to take a shortcut you could prepare FIFA 15 coins for games,and we are your best choice to buy FIFA 15 coins,you can find FIFA coins cheap and easy from

FIFA 15 Team of the Week 13

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The new week is coming!Team of the Week 13 is a very special one with some amazing players included and it’s so good it could well be the best this season. SIF (second in-form) Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovi? and Mats Hummels are just three on show that are mouth-watering and up for grabs for one week only. You’ll be able to acquire these players in gold packs from 6pm (UK time), on December 10th 2014 running up until 5:30pm (UK time), on December 17th 2014.

If you are running low on FIFA 15 coins then you can always challenge this TOTW 13 from the main FUT hub and depending on the difficulty setting you select you can get up to 1,000 FIFA coins by selecting Ultimate difficulty and winning the match. The full starting eleven, substitutes bench and reserves can be viewed below.

Team of the Week 13

Starting Lineup (11)

GK: Allan McGregor, Hull City – 74
CB: Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund – 87
CB: Thomas Heurtaux, Udinese – 78
CB: José María Giménez, Atlético de Madrid – 73
LM: Ivan Peri?i?, VfL Wolfsburg – 81
LM(RM): Balázs Dzsudzsák, Dinamo Moskva – 80
RM(RW): André Carrillo, Sporting * – 79
LM: Tranquillo Barnetta, FC Schalke 04 – 79
ST: Andy Carroll, West Ham United – 79
ST(LW): Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid – 94
ST: Zlatan Ibrahimovi?, Paris Saint-Germain – 91

Substitutes Bench & Reserves

GK: Johnny Herrera, Universidad de Chile – 74
CB: Willi Orban, 1. FC Kaiserslautern – 71
CM(CDM): Kévin Vandendriessche, Mouscron-Péruwelz – 64
CM(CAM): Piotr Wi?niewski, Lechia Gdańsk – 64
ST: Alan, Red Bull Salzburg – 74
ST: Julio Furch, Belgrano de Córdoba – 73
ST: Papiss Cissé, Newcastle United – 78

Tips Of The Week

The fact that this is such a strong team of the week squad we recommend that if you get any of the big three, that’s SIF Ronaldo, Ibra or Hummels you sell them on fort maximum profit within a week. The reason we say this is because all three are more than likely to get in the upcoming TOTY squads and the IF player cards they have this week will shoot down in price considerably leaving you with minimum profit.

As for Carrol, Cissé and Barnetta, you should wait a couple of weeks before listing them up on the transfer market as they’ll be worth quite a few coins in the auction rooms in weeks and months to come. Think of them as long-term investments and if you’re patient and let them rise in value then you could be looking at making a small fortune from selling them in due course.

FIFA 15 Personal Experience Sharing Division 1 Player


How to do if you are still a Division 1 player after the patch. Quit bitching.Here are some personal experience in Division 1 Player. Let me possibly provide insight:

Change your camera settings
I LOVE the Default camera setting, but it’s just not usable after this new patch. You get ambushed too easily in the midfield, and if you don’t know where to pass it, you’ll turn the ball over. With the Default camera view, I went from Div 1 down to Div 3. I changed it to: Co-Op, height = 17, zoom = 7, and I’m back to Div 1. It seriously helped me see the entire field, which is s necessary.

Change your formation
I can’t stress this enough. For starters, if you go on a losing streak, you should change your formation regardless. But with this patch, choose a FIFA formation that packs the midfield. 433(5), 41212, 4411, and 4222 are my favorites.

Pass the ball backwards
Sometimes, you have to go backwards to go forward. One of my favorite passes is when I’m dribbling upfield, and I have a CM/CDM behind me. I do a light tap of the through ball button and angle it behind me, so that it lays the ball off for the trailing player. Great way to open up space and then play a through ball up to a striker.

Use custom tactics
Use the search bar to find out more about this. I tend to have a fast build-up play, an even chance creation, and a low pressure defensive tactic. This new patch rewards possession players. If you’re playing someone who knows how to pass the ball, your team pressure will get eaten alive. Only press when your opponent is in the attacking 1/3 of the pitch, and use teammate contain to do this.

Watch your possession numbers
At halftime, check out the possession numbers. If you are on the wrong side of 50/50, you’ll probably lose.

Don’t force passes
You’ll turn the ball over in your midfield and get counter-attacked.

Don’t sprint unless you have open space
This should go without saying, but seriously, sprinting through the defense doesn’t work anymore. You don’t have to be skillful, but if you are jogging and you are good with the left analog stick, you can get out of a bunch of situations.

Make use of L2/LT
Lastly, I can’t stress this enough. Strength matters with the new patch!! Use this button! Muscle your way onto the ball. Keep defenders off of you. If you’re not using this, that’s probably why you’ve been relegated.