Winner list of answer questions to win fifa coins is announced

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Hey Guys,

We launched a campaign which is called “Answer questions to win fifa coins” last month. This campaign has lasted for about 30 days and more than 1000 people had participated.

We appreciated those who had participated this campaign, and as we said in the previous news, we would pick some people as the winners and reward them free fifa 15 coins. And the luck people are as below:

First Prize ( 1 people ): $200 worth FIFA 15 Coins

tigran Smith  (tigran****

Second Prize ( 2 people ): $100 worth FIFA 15 Coins

Justin Choi  (justinsla****

Christopher Stamp  (danielst****

Third Prize ( 3 people ): $50 worth FIFA 15 Coins

maher sultaneh  (irw.m****

Harvey Johnson  (beels****

Ethan Voelker   (Mysteri****

Fourth Prize ( 5 people ):  $20 worth FIFA 15 Coins

rabih hassan  (rabih.has****

Oscar Rodriguez  (oart**

Dylan Cipollon  (dylancip****

Alec Marq  (ginge****

Jordon Jewett  (Jewe**** 

Fourth Prize ( 10 people ):  $10 worth FIFA 15 Coins

jakob hansen  (jakob-han****

Ignacio Gallego  (inak****

Hafiz Mohd Nordin  (hafiz.det****

richard jon  (jones****

Tank Berk  (matthe****

Amy Wright  (bri****

ryder cusack  (ryder****

enrique flores  (walter****

Logan Voss  (raging****

Jarret Jones  (joneja****

Congratulations to all winners!!! We will send an email to the winners within next 2 days and arrange the coins delivery then. We will lanuch another new campaign soon and more fifa 15 coins will be rewarded. Please pay attention to our update and wish you could win next time!

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Ways to score free kicks in fifa15


If you have been playing plenty of fifa15 games?You just simply getting in it or could master taking free kicks?Ea has discharged an educational video showing you ways to create the foremost of your scenery probabilities, a tough talent in each the $64000 sport and therefore the game.

The general plan hasn’t modified abundant over the previous couple of iterations of the FIFA series in terms of controls, however there square measure many details which will create the distinction between blasting wide and sinking your shot.

In specific, the video focuses on the various varieties of free kicks you’ll absorb FIFA 15. the ability place kick ought to be used from vary with a robust distance shooter. you employ LB/L1 to drive your kick forward, and may aim within the close to post. The Dipping place kick is supposed for golf stroke your shot up and over the wall, ready to rise and so fall from a better vary. you would like solely to use the shoot button, and to carry your stick forward to urge the ball moving upwards.

The Driven place kick uses an equivalent technique because the Power technique, however is supposed for nearer vary. Ideally, victimisation less power can hit the ball straight on the ground and beneath the wall, that is probably going to leap out of the approach. The Curled place kick could be a standard one, meant to swerve the ball around or over the wall and within the close to post from a medium vary. you ought to use associate opposite-footed player (right-footed player shooting from the left and vice versa) for these in contrast to the opposite sorts. Aim to the center of the goal at the sting of the wall, however pull your stick within the wrong way to curve.

Show you the ways to advance fifa15 fake shot

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Maybe you have been seeing various skills about fifa15,these skills are dazzling or neat.Then,why we need these skills?the ultimate goal is to fool opponents and get goals!due to operability and practicality,obviously,fake shot becomes the first choice for many players.

Fake Shot was divided into these types:

1.The skill moves under 4 star almost always change to spike, even if you added LT it is still difficult to play well.
2.4 star SM Player, the occasionally fake shot can become wiping ball. LT+Fake Shot can make Dragback Combos. Such as Benzema.
3.5 star SM Player, we used most of the C.Ronaldo and Ben Arfa. Dribbling ball dragback 45°to fake shot is wiping ball. LT+Fake Shot, turn back to fake shot while holding the L2 or LT trigger, in order to stop quickly.This is a fantastic technique that allows the attacking player to hold up the ball, use momentum against the opposition’s defense, and create ideal angles for crosses / shots.

To click two keys must be fast, otherwise you would easily to spread ball out. It is best to use the thumb directly slid the first key to the second key. We do not recommend two fingers to operate/

5 Star SM Player Experience:

1.C.Ronaldo: Various violence, 5 star SM and 4 Star Week Foot , powerful body and key property not only limit to RF position, while, it would better to close the goal.
2.Ben Arfa: Typical players left to play the right side,has same five-star SM plus 4 star Weak Foot. While, the sats in the card is not high, but it is really practical. Personally think, it is the best choice to play RF position, which involved Hazard, Robben,Di Maria.
3.Taarabt: Double 5 star players. Very useful CAM in 41212, great CA in 4312. The long shot is amazing! While, the speed is not so fast.
4.Lamela: Very cost-effective player, if your have not abundant FIFA 15 Coins, you can get him.

fifa15 strategy to control and dribble ball better

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What’s effective attack in a match?Probably is dribbling ball,each team needs to several players who are skilled in dribbling.It’s also very significant in fifa15.Here are some basic operation about dribble ball,come and collect it!

Two purposes of Dribbling:
1).To control the match tempo. Player can control ball with his feet to extend the time and plan a chance to attack.
2).To pull space. This is beneficial to passing or shooting.

At the beginning, do you feel that you have a little scrambling? Use your four finger o control LB, LT, RB, RT. Personally, I think this is the most correct way. You have to so skillfully use this operation that it becomes a conditioned reflex. Only in this way, you can play UT.

1. You first are familiar with the LS operation, because every player has different controlling proficiency and dribbling speed. It is recommended to the sideline and midfield players use the operation: defender does not do dribbling operation.

2. Learn to use LB + NO DIRECTION. This is the emergency stop operation. It is easy to grasp.

3. RT + DIRECTION is fast dribbling. This operation can make the ball farther away from the body. Initially, the novice can press. Then to combine with 2 3, it is useful to pass at an angle of 45 degrees from the side. When faced opponent defenders or the defensive players in the side sprint, you judge the direction in advance and then dribble the ball in the opposite direction. If you are skillful, you can use a feint to deceive opponents to made the wrong direction.

RT+ RS+ DIRECTION. Compared with the above operation, RT + RS + DIRECTION is slow speed but good effect. In actual situation, RT + DIRECTION requires that player kick the ball out and then tackling; RT + RS + DIRECTION makes you can control ball to run.

4. LT + DIRECTION. It has the effect to dribble in low speed and retain the ball. When you are surrounded or entangled by opponents, you can use LT + DIRECTION. Do not blindly forward quickly, it is important to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm and ideas. Especially, when your back is against defensive players, this operation is very effective. For example, as you are pushed to the bottom line, the operation can form an effective attack and run out of the surrounding.

5. RS is the skill operation.

6. LT + RT. this operation is used when Defender does Lob pass or Midfielder missed the ball, so as to make Frontcourt players form a favorable situation.

Four Tips to win perfect chemistry in FIFA 15


As we know,you can change your formation and player positions after the game starts and chemistry isn’t affected. Also to check player chemistry before you purchase for your team use the tools. If you follow these simple steps you will have a successful squad. whatever, if you want to buy FIFA 15 coins online, please remember to buy FIFA 15 coins from our online shop

Fifa 15 The chemistry is extremely important for the success of any team. And there are two kinds of chemistry: each player’s individual chemistry and the chemistry of the team. Both influence the performance of the players on the pitch. The chemistry takes a fundamental role in the team’s performance. It evaluates the health of every relation in a club. In other words, the chemistry is a factor that helps the game play by interacting with the familiarity of the players with the club’s formation, position, the relation with the other players and the manager. Now, I will show you tips to win perfect chemistry in FIFA 15.

1.Pick your star players

To begin with, select two or three footballers you really like and you can base your team around them. Three different players with three different nationalities and leagues.

2.Pick a League or Nationality

Chemistry works by linking players together in the same league or players that share the same nationality. If you can get both of these together you are doing great! You must remember though that the maximum chemistry s single player can have is 9, when a player is playing with 9 chemistry you are getting the absolute best out of him. So by this logic you can actually still achieve a squad in which every player has 9 chemistry if they all play in the same league but have different nationalities. For every player, your manager shares his nationality you will gain +1 chemistry, which could potentially build a +11 nationality bonus. Ideally you want to get your hands on a manager that matches your desired formation, or at least a similar formation to gain some of the formation chemistry.

3.Decide on a formation for your team

Pick a formation that you like to play. My suggestion is to go with the cheaper formations, such as the 3-4-1-2, 3-4-3 or the 4-5-1. I suggest the 3-4-1-2 because you can buy them all day with less fifa 15 coins. To make this a success you need to have a decent trio of CB’s and a strong Midfield. A strong midfield can make or break a team. They hold up the offensive attack or help you push the ball up the pitch to get a counter attack going yourself.

4.Build your team

Now that you know how chemistry works and you have decided on a league/nationality and a formation, it’s time to build the team. Before I create a new team, I like to use certain tools to make sure that: I can afford the team. Each player will have 9 chemistry and the players I use have decent attributes. Find good players that are in the correct positions and place them into the squad builder. Make sure the chemistry is good and you can afford the team. Once you have done this, you can begin to buy players and place them into your squad.

FIFA 15 Jockeying Hints to Win The Ball

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One of the most important aspects that you’ve got to remember is this year EA Sports have implemented the new feature of running jockey. This means that you can hold down the sprint button whilst holding down the jockey button so that you can run whilst jockeying and stay even closer to your opposition attacker. You need to make sure to not overuse this feature as it’s best to do when wingers are running down the line.

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One of the most impact based features of jockeying is that you increase your chance of deflecting or blocking the ball. Whether it’ll be a cross to your goal or a shot on goal, getting these vital blocks in can be match-winners in their own right. So showing a deadly winger down the line and then blocking his way to goal with a firm block will stop the cross and danger from coming into your penalty box which is ultimately what you want to achieve.

Getting the precise timing right with your tackles whilst using this method is most probably one of the hardest things to do in FIFA 15. fear not though, as you can watch our video tutorial and that’ll give you a fair idea of when and when not to lunge in for a tackle. Mistiming them can result in the opposing attacker leaving your defender for dead and creating a goal-scoring opportunity.

It’s best to perform the jockey movement in the latter stages of a match as the opposition is getting very tired and that’s when you’ll be able to not only put in more challenges but also win the ball back more successfully more often. If you would like to do it right from the kick-off then one of the best techniques you can use is jockeying then immediately letting go of the jockey button and then immediately pressing the sprint button which will give your defender a sudden burst of pace and lunge in for the tackle. nine times out of ten he’ll end up winning the ball back with this handy technique as well.

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