Runescape3 Divination skill

The basic training method is to visit a wisp colony appropriate to your level and to click on a wisp. This will stop the wisp moving, and convert it to a spring. Then, click on the spring to start gathering memories and energy.


Spring can be harvested by players at one time. So don’t worry about competition. Memories will accumulate in your inventory as you harvest the springs. You can convert them to Divination XP or energy. Energy will be collected as you harvest wisps. Then you can use energy to create the useful items related to the skill, as well as in the next production skill. Or you can deposit them at the crater, then you will have three options: Experience, Enhanced Experience, Energy. But energy and memories come in tiers, so you should train at the highest-level wisp colony that you’re able to. You also can use your gathered energy for Portents, Signs, Boons, Divine Locations, Transmutation, Dungeoneering.

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Gather the energy and memories of a slain god over 99 levels of auspicious skilling. Make useful new signs and portents; transmute resources to better ones; and conjure bountiful divine locations for you and your friends to harvest. Conquer the all-new hiscore board and blaze a trail to the prestigious Cape of Divination!