RS3 features for Players Interact

This game features some independent mini games as well. However, most of them are available for the paying members only. The mini games will take place in the certain areas and involve some specific in game skills normally. The games often require gamers to compete or cooperate with others like Pest Control, which highly focuses on competition, Castle Wars that is much similar to the Capture the Flag game in real life, and Fist of Guthix in which gamer need to try best to stop the opponent player from collecting the charges into the magical stone.


PvP combat will be performed in some controlled mini games and in the area Wilderness. In this Duel Arena players are allowed to stake items and money, while the other PvP games provide particular rewards of their own. Players are able to engage in the combat provided that the combat levels of them fall with a range of each other in Wilderness, and once a player successfully kill his opponent he can claim the items of the opponent as rewards.

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After December 2007, Wilderness was altered to stop gamers from transferring real world money and in-game items. Then the PvP combat got removed from Wilderness and restricted temporarily to the new mini games Clan Wars and Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter then was replaced by the Bounty Worlds where players will be confined to Wilderness and can be assigned certain targets to kill. The PvP worlds were then introduced in 2008 in which players can fight anywhere in the Gielinor. However, these and the Bounty Worlds eventually were removed at the time Wilderness restored.