RS3 divination of The Task

Gather, deposit, flood enriched every 20 minutes, collect a choronicle sphere to side boost Exp. It’s a long grind, but the idea of an enriched and choronicle sphere is already more variated than a skill like Fishing in the actual activity. Whats ruffling everybody is the exceptionally slow EXP rates. Yes they resemble old school, so jagex achieved that target, but is old school what this new generation wants? Isn’t that why 07 servers even exist?


Divination may not have the diffrent things to fish/cook/gathering, it’s simply move onto the next tier after 10 lvls, and 5 after 80. But during the the two additional things that can happen (enriched/choronicle) are a form of variation to this task.

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Collecting bits of a dead god and depositing them, it does fit in with the lore, considering it’s a skill and not a story, i’d say the amount explained is satisfactory. There arn’t many skills that actually have Lore behind them afterall.