Runescape 3 The elder tree

Cutting trees need at least 90 logging, older trees can seek in 10 sites around the world. They provide a good cutting logging XP, the use of the log will be very big Fletcher firemakers of grade 90 and above. They grow more slowly than other trees, though, so you’ll need to cycle between some of them, to get the best collection rate. Fletcher level is above 90 can build elderly shieldbows and shortbows – level 60 ranged weapons. Shieldbow line of sight can be connected to the old shieldbow, increase its remote and defense to 65 levels, and accordingly improve the statistics.


Old shieldbow statistics is equivalent to the statistics of dark bow before, so we add, dark bow layer to level 70, and the corresponding statistics. This is a more terrifying than ever before!As a bonus, we also increased the fierce black arrow, you can use in the head of the arrow feather – a new drop out of the darkness of the beast – a level 95 feathers. Please note: this is not possible the growth of the elders through agriculture skill tree, is there any can be used in the construction of old wood.

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Requirements: you must be a Runescape member. The trees of level 90 logging for elders. Logging level 94 crystal tree. The elders of the arrow log need level is above 90. The old man log Firemaking need level is above 90.