RS Create Crossbows skill

Dry bear or cow meat after cooking to make some Sinew. This is the component of the crossbow that makes the Crossbow String. You will need to have a Crafting skill level of 10 to make the Sinew.Combine the crossbow stock, crossbow limb and the Sinew to create a crossbow. The items you combined will determine the outcome of your crossbow creation. Repeat this process to create other, more powerful crossbows.


Use your hatchet on any tree. This will create a pile of logs, which is a necessary base for creating a crossbow. Higher-level crossbows will require different types of wood. For example, the Bronze Crossbow is the basic type that uses regular wood logs, whereas the Runite Crossbow requires Yew Wood Logs.Use a knife on your logs to turn them into a crossbow stock. Make sure you have the required Fletching level to craft the stock. The basic Bronze Crossbow only needs level 9 Fletching while the Adamantite Crossbow needs level 61 to cut from the Mahogany Logs.Make the crossbow limbs by using a hammer on metallic ore. You will need the required Smithing skill level to hammer the metal limbs as well as the required components to combine them into a new metal. For example, you will need one Mithril Ore and Four Coals with a base Smithing skill level of 50 to make a Mithril Bar.

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RuneScape is the Internet MMORPG that gathers players from all over the world to complete quests and fight monsters. Weapons are important, if not vital, items to have in the game because without them you cannot attack the beasts that roam the land of RuneScape or defend yourself. Fletching is a common skill known to many players. Having this skill will allow you to make a crossbow. By gathering a few simple materials, and knowing the complementary skill sets, you can make a powerful crossbow of your own in RuneScape.