RuneScape Cooking Raw Meat of good Tips

Before cooking the meat, you have to kill some animals and get some raw meat, such as chickens, giant rats, cows. But if you do not want to kill them and you have some experience in killing them, you can go to Port Sarim food shop to buy the meat with Old School RuneScape gold. Then you cut down some trees and get logs. You take these logs to make fire by using tinderbox. If you are successful, you will get cooked meat. If you failed skill check, you will remain with black burned meat. If it is the later one, you have to do it again until you have this skill and cook the good meat.


This skill is not difficult for players. Only you are patient enough to do it. I believe you will get a lot of skills and experience, and also you may gain large amount of old school runescape gold. This cooking tips are suitable for both free players and members. If you keep cutting trees for a long time, you will make your woodcutting level up quickly. The woodcutting level can help you to cut many other valuable trees. The yews are very costly if you sell them at the general store. Hope this will help you a lot and you can take these logs to cook meat in the tinderbox. You can will make you skillful in this way. Good luck to you in runescape. Wish you make more Old School RuneScape gold in game.

How long have you cooked the meat? Do you have any good suggestion to share? Today, i have a good tip to share with you and help you make more Old School RuneScape gold in the future. If you are interested in it, you may notice the following information and get your playing dream come true. Now we go to the topic.