Runescape 3 attracted for new players

“We’ve seen more then 150 million votes casted on the way the battle campaign should be fought in, with players making their minds on everything from reinforcements they get to how they are in favor of their chosen god with buffs and new units.


The  players with collecting residual life forces called ‘Divine Tears’ to offer to the holy beings. The game was launched along with the Battle of Lumbridge event, which concentrate on a main conflict between two returning deities.

Over one billion ‘Divine Tears’ have been collected by players, and more than 60 million enemy soldiers have been killed.”Players have so many ways to affect the current battle, from killing enemies or donating resources to their chosen deity and it is this player driven dynamic which puts the future of the game very firmly in the players’ hands.”

Overall, this game is great and it is worth trying. At the very beginning, if you do not want to skip the low levels, you can use Runescape Gold to the level you desire and then you can start to play by yourself.

RS3 Woodcutting Guide for Magic Logs

Cutting magic logs is a popular and incredibly quick approach of generating income. Woodcutting is quick to train, and with a high woodcutting level and an excellent hatchet, you could chop magic logs promptly, and market them for over 1.3 k each. There are a few magic plants found throughout RuneScape, and only some locations are much more effective compared to others because of the quantity of magic plants and the closeness to a financial institution.


As previously pointed out, there are just a few locations where magic plants are present in RuneScape. These areas consist of 2 magic plants outside of the Mage Training Sector (near the Battle Field), 3 near Lletya, 3 around the Tree Gnome Stronghold, 3 to the eastern of the Ranging Guild, and finally 4 near the Sorcerer’s Tower near Seers’ Village. There is likewise yet another magic plant in the western ruins in the Jungle, though this area is not advised because of the risk of revenants attacking, and due to the fact that there is a single tree and it is really far away from a bank.

Cut yews with a woodcutting degree of 85 or higher. Frequently players with only 75 woodcutting leap to magic plants promptly. At that level, magic plants are very sluggish cash as they are cut exceptionally gradually.

Though yews, at any degree, outclass magic logs for cash and encounter, magic trees might occasionally be less inhabited than yews. One may try the Plant Gnome Stronghold, as there are several yew and magic plants there. Enjoy runescape gold here anytime as you want. It will be best place for you to buy cheap runescape gold.

RS3 Reintroduction of PK skulls

A Wilderness Slayer Master
This would be a new slayer master, who gave tasks which MUST be completed in the Wilderness, which gave 20% more XP than other tasks, but at the risk of being attacked by other players. He can also give you the task of killing X number of other players within the Wilderness. His tasks are independent on tasks from other masters (meaning if you have an active Wilderness task, you can still do other tasks).


Remove the KBD teleport from Edgeville.
It would help increase the price of the drops from the KBD and therefore hopefully encourage people to run through the Wild to kill him. This would work especially well combined with suggestion number 3 as the bank chest would be very close to the KBD lair.

Release the Revenants and close Forinthry
Letting the Revs roam free again would be a good way to bring back Rev hunting FC’s and would really help the F2P Wilderness. There would need to be a mechanic to stop Revs interrupting fights between players, though.

Multiway combat above level 10 Wilderness
It’s really annoying in the Wilderness when you can’t attack someone because they have/have not activated their multiway combat. It’s also annoying for groups of people who can’t work together as a team to kill another group of people. This would leave the early stages of the Wilderness free for those who want to to battle 1vs1, but would make the rest of the Wilderness free territory. This would very much help PvP Clans and bring back the old style, large scale clan vs clan wars in the Wilderness.

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This will encourage people back into the Wilderness to do things like kill Green Dragons, as they can take their weapons and armour in without risk of losing everything. They will keep their 3 most valuable items as before (unless skulled). Obviously, everything else over the they carry will be at risk.

RS3 divination of The Task

Gather, deposit, flood enriched every 20 minutes, collect a choronicle sphere to side boost Exp. It’s a long grind, but the idea of an enriched and choronicle sphere is already more variated than a skill like Fishing in the actual activity. Whats ruffling everybody is the exceptionally slow EXP rates. Yes they resemble old school, so jagex achieved that target, but is old school what this new generation wants? Isn’t that why 07 servers even exist?


Divination may not have the diffrent things to fish/cook/gathering, it’s simply move onto the next tier after 10 lvls, and 5 after 80. But during the the two additional things that can happen (enriched/choronicle) are a form of variation to this task.

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Collecting bits of a dead god and depositing them, it does fit in with the lore, considering it’s a skill and not a story, i’d say the amount explained is satisfactory. There arn’t many skills that actually have Lore behind them afterall.

Runescape 3 carving contest for Halloween pumpkin

This year we will celebrate HALLOWEEN 2013 in a quite unique way. Anything from carving pumpkins, making cakes, candy, and most importantly Halloween decorations to scare the trick-or-treaters!


In return for some really cool pictures of your favorite Halloween activities, you have to incorporate Famousgolds! Either carving our name into a pumpkin, putting Famousgolds across your house, anything!

Your creativity is what rewards you discount code! Drawing Famousgolds on a piece of paper and taking a picture is one thing, but baking a cake with GFamousgolds on it! So come on guys and girls, celebrate one of your favorite holidays.

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We will choose the five best of pumpkin, and the discount code as prizes. Don’t delay again, immediately start carving!

Runescape 3 Trade Natural

Natural Trade is fundamentally a part of Free Trade, like regular trades, gifts, donations that happen in RS in every minute, it keeps the integrity of the game intact, makes players happier and more loyal to the game. It has never been safer in transactions, since 25th Oct. (bot nuke day,) 300 – 600 Gold sales have been rolling in everyday and none has been reported unsatisfied, this we think could be the best answer to the question we quoted above.


For those who’re still suffering from the endless in-game grinding, and those who’re still wandering, it’s time to be rest assured to join the majority and enjoy a completely safe Natural Trade! For those who have already become a fan of Natrual Trade, please feel free to share your experiences below.

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As many of you might have learned, we have been fully committed to maintaining tightly secured Natural Trade in a bot free RS world, of which the concept has already been welcomed by thousands of people, many of the avid fans have even joined us in development of this user-oriented Natural Trade! Check the following outlines of policies implemented in each trade we do.

RS3 Mobile Devices

RuneScape has been 12 years old, and we believe that Jagex are trying all means to let it enter another decade and another. One of the primary reasons that Jagex is eager to run RuneScape 3 on a tablet is to make it monumental.


Tablets are getting more powerful, cheaper, and more intuitive so that we are able to touch and carry a tablet wherever we want. So mobile gaming, as in tablets and smartphones, is just gaming, period. As the user we aforementioned does, an increasing number of mobile devices users seem hard to leave their smartphone or tablets in their life. Mobile versions of RuneScape obviously will boost its popularity again.

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It is easy to say the mobile devices themselves are just a smaller version of the ever-familiar PC, but indeed tablet or smartphones gaming is different from gaming on any other device. It is different in the way we interact with the game, in the way that we actually hold the tablet or touch the screen. Well, Jagex is working hard and confidently to prove that a tablet or smartphone is just as good as any other delivery system — and in many ways, it might be superior by bring RuneScape 3 into these mobile platforms at the end of the year.

RS3 huge graphical overhaul

Jagex announced RuneScape 3 would emerge with huge graphical overhaul, and gamers are able to have the first completed version since the black screen problem was solved. “RuneScape 3 is the biggest change we have ever made to RuneScape.” Mark Ogilvie, the game’s design director cited. A host of changes are undergoing for RuneScape’s hitting the browser MMO’s world. One the most striking of these is undoubtedly the game’s new look; since inception RuneScape has been implemented in browsers using Java, but once RuneScape 3 lands this’ll be changed to HTML5, resulting in a very different RuneScape experience. Loading time is to be reduced, improvement should be made for gameplay focused on a popular quality of life request from gamers, user interface get customizable. Meanwhile, Jagex is keen for the community to drive changes in RuneScape 3 like they always do.


With 12 years under its cloak and counting, and over 200 million players clicking into its medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, RuneScape is officially the world’s largest free MMORPG. Graphically RuneScape has long lagged behind other major MMORPGs, but the new versions will even the score, putting it almost on par with the likes of World of Warcraft. Improved visuals and draw distance promise the most immersive questing yet.

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Furthermore, Jagex is working to bring RuneScape to tablets by the end of the year, with Smart TV and console versions also being considered. RuneScape is consistently hailed as one of the most immersive free MMOs available on the web that anyone is able to pick up and play. Jagex is proceeding another decade accompanying grateful players of RuneScape. Jagex have stuck to a grueling weekly update schedule for close to the entirety of RuneScape’s life, adding new quests, minigames and building on the story of the world of Gielinor. “I want to see that taken to the next level where the players feel like they’re not just passengers in how the game evolves; they’re actually directing how the game evolves.” Ogilvie said.

RS3 make cake of Guide

To make a cake you must find three kinds of materials which are all in the north of the Lumbridge Castle. The first material is the flour. On the mini map you will find an area which is golden, that is the field of wheat we are looking for. After you get there, pick wheat, and then walk along to the north. You will soon arrive at the grinding shop. Put the wheat you collect in the hopper, and then operate the hopper, done! Do remember take a basin to carry the flour, otherwise, you will be busy for nothing. This is the first step. The second material you collect is the milk. To collect milk a bucket is needed, if you don’t have one, you have to buy a bucket in the shop. After you go across the bridge, just go along to the north, you will soon find a cow farm, and then milk the cow for some milk. The last raw material you need to collect is the egg. Collecting egg is easy, after you get out of the castle, you will find a chicken house not far from the castle, then pick eggs, done! Now these three materials have been collected, go back to the Lumbridge Castle, then talk with the cook, after that this quest is completed. You can get 1 quest point, 300 cooking experiences as reward.


The quest is called the cook’s assistant. You should first talk with the cook in the Lumbridge Castle. He will show you what to do next. In this quest you should find some raw materials for him to make cake.

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Among all the skills to make money in Runescape 3, cooking can be regarded as one of most efficient way to earn Runescape gold fast in the game. I will introduce the Runescape guide of making cake to you in the following part.

Runescape 3 the Death of Chivalry

The storyline is very impressive. As the second quest taking place in the Sixth age, the Death of Chivalry features the Sir Owen and Saradomin, these two guys are the ones you must follow in the game, they will guide you from the beginning to the end in the quest. In addition to this, players can also enjoy some other awesome storyline through the gameplay, like the Final Fight and the Ritual.


Hard Choices
I bet the hard choices you have to make in the quest impressed you a lot. When the Death of Chivalry was about to release, the developers behind the scene revealed that players have to face some tough choices before the quest is completed. What is the most choice for you to make until now? Do you struggle with these unwelcome choices?

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Rewards of this quest are gorgeous, which include 3 Quest Points, 250XP Combat Lamp, 4 Knight Titles, Sir Owen’s Shield and etc. What’s more, if you are a paying member, you can get Templar outfit, Gilded cabbage and 60.000XP ancient prayer lamp as the additional rewards. I think the rich awards are a very important factor to attract players.