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I take issue with this statement on a number of levels. First and foremost, the Old School servers are not about satisfying “nostalgia-hungry players.” They are about satisfying players who legitimately preferred the original gameplay to the new system that was ushered in with the Evolution of Combat and NIS. Nostalgia is something you go back to once in a while for its charm. But Old School is full of players who are dedicated to the server long-term. Many play it exclusively. For these players, it isn’t just some amusing thing to do once in a while to have a break from the main game. It IS their main game.

For further proof that Old School is not driven by nostalgia-blinded oldies who are afraid of change, look no further than updates such as God Wars Dungeon and the completely original piece of content, the Nightmare Zone. And more updates are coming. Runescape Gold Suggestions are listened to, polls are made, and players’ ideas can become reality. No one here is afraid of change. We just want changes that fit within the gaming system that Runescape was predicated upon.

And this brings me to the second half of the OSRS main page opening statement: that the server provides an authentic 2007 experience. Given the updates described above, this is simply no longer the case. I think a more accurate description of Old School is in order.