Divination prayer

Why is it that you can only protect 5 items at maximum?

+3 items(default)
+1 item(protect item at level 25 prayer, or protect item at level 50 curse)
+1 item(sign of item protection at level 69 divination)
+1 item(portent of item protection at level 92 divination)

However.. you can only protect up to a maximum of 5 items instead of 6 even though there’s boosts to get up to 6?

This makes having the level 92 divination reward almost useless because you can’t protect a 6th item. You can say it’s for the people who don’t have the protect from item curse/prayer. But everyone should have access to that by now… so what’s the point in the level 92 portent existing if it has almost no use?

You can use a Scrimshaw/Portent in in your inventory to protect 5 items which is alright, but why not the Sign/Portent at the same time?

It would be nice to see it changed so you can protect 6 items seeing how some deaths are caused by the Runescape 2007 Gold game and not your own fault (game crashes, bugs, etc). I don’t see being able to protect another item overpowered in anyway if you have the requirements met to do so.

Is protecting a maximum of 5 items something they overlooked? Or was it intended to be like this? Thoughts?

Well I see 6 items as..

1- Helmet
2- Chestplate
3- Platelegs
4- Main-hand weapon
5- Off-hand weapon
6- Boots

So if you die you’ll still lose your gloves/ring/amulet/inventory/familiar, and such which still adds up so it’s not as if you keep everything.