I got this fun idea with todays super challenge

What if there was a giant wilderness war that was safe for items because you never brought anything in

it could be teams or just a massive pvp and it starts with everyone **** teleported to the edge of a wilderness thats about the size of what we have now but the 4 edges are the low level going higher as you near the middle which has no level limit

scattered around the wilderness is items anything you could hope to find randomly scattered from bronze to pop pots food summons runes arrows auras even phats better stuff is deeper in the aim is to gear

logging out or dieing makes you drop everything and you score points by killing people so at the start grab what you can to gear up but armor has its requirements still like the pop armor in it requires you to have a matching piece trade or not in your bank chaotics require having that chaotic also this way people cant have what they cant have outside and lv 90 weapons are ultra rare

killing people scores points you get some points for a kill and more for the power of their gear and their level compared to your own and you trade points for prizes like exp or gear

in the wilderness not just combat has use you can also steal stuff ppl have in their inventory and why you might not find rune armor in the safer areas you could find rune bars and a anvil to make them so people with good skills have a advantage

some areas will require you to use agility to get to others so the less agile have to take damage to get across allowing weaker people to get them when they are weak or use agility to escape from someone too strong

you might also find slayer monsters walking around full of runescape 2007 powerleveling stuff to get if you can kill em

other then combat cooking smithing fletching firemaking mining thieving agility crafting herblore woodcutting runecrafting slayer and maybe even div

when people die they are out till next round
survive longer = get more points
skilling/theft = few points