Zamorak was busy attacking the ground as it contained Guthix’ godly powers

Saradomin is good in the battle of lumbridge if you observe the cut**ne of the battle of lumbridge carefully, he originally did not know that the power of Guthix was there but when he sensed Zamorak’s prescence near lumbridge and lumbridge has a church dedicated to saradomin he arrived and saw Zamorak attacking the lumbridge, as you see in the cutscene he arrives blasting at lumbridge, the ground and trying to blast its citizens who dodged Zamorak’s fireballs by running and were lucky to survive then while Zamorak was busy attacking lumbridge and its citizens who were near the portal he was zapped in the bank by Saradomin as Saradomin knew that Zamorak had arrived near lumbridge and was attacking THEN Zamorak revealed the power under the ground, only then did Saradomin learn about the power of the tears underneath, before he came to try to protect lumbridge from Zamorak when he arrived through the portal. Watch the battle of lumbridge opening cutscene.

This is also suported by how when Zamorak arrived trying to burn the citizens of lumbridge who dodged his fireballs with how Saradomin also said in a benevolent voice “Zamorak I CANNOT allow you to continue!” after he interrupted Zamorak’s attempt to shoot fireballs at the people who were near the portal by zapping him in the back.

Just a friendly tip my Saradominist friend, before posting it would be good if you proof-read your post and separate it into paragraphs people may want to read it more. Otherwise it does not look as appealing.

I will say however, that you do have some fine points. We don’t know if Saradomin knew the divine tears were underneath lumbridge, but we must ad mit he also may have known.

Nevertheless, it was Zamorak who made the first move to unearth the tears and Saradomin would not allow him to continue, defending the area. Now that he is in this battle, Saradomin has the chance to gain power from the tears, which can only help our cause when he becomes stronger.

Saradomin will be able to build a more peaceful, just and good society with the more power he attains to ward off false and evil gods, like Zamorak.

Zamorak was busy attacking the ground as it contained Guthix’ godly powers. That some inhabitants of Lumbridge were stupid enough to stand right on that ground was their Runescape Gold problem.

Saradomin appeared and wanted to stop Zamorak from gathering all that power. Saradomin then destroyed half of Lumbridge while setting up camp to attack the ‘evil’ god Zamorak in this populated area. Of course a ruined Lumbridge was good for Saradomin, because he could blame it all on Zamorak and get more followers from the villagers who were suddenly homeless and wanted someone to blame.

Saradomin is just as ‘evil’ as Zamorak. Both are gods and don’t give anything about what you and other weak beings think about them.