Dear jagex we need help

RSC = the 2004 version of the game. NOT 2007 OSRS.

Short version: Jagex, so many of your loyal RSC players put their time, heart, and soul into preserving the RSC community and ridding RSC of bots. We just need you to back us up.

I started playing RSC back in November 2009 during the first re-opening. I have made many friends since then. However, among the wonderful players there are some bots. Many players go bot busting, report, and take screenies of hundreds of bots to try and rid their home of this infestation. Yet it seems no action is taken against them and all the effort is in vain, this poses a question:

Does Jagex even look into macroing reports sent from RSC?

Though there are only a small number of players who play RSC on a regular basis they are some of the nicest, most helpful players I have ever met in my years of playing Runescape. So many of them strive to make the RSC community as amazing as it is. They deserve a favour, so I am asking for Jagex’s help.

The favour: Allow us a J-Mod, or make a team of RSC based player mods to help control the bots.

Jagex, I know you likely think of RSC as nothing. But to many players it is something, something very important. I also know that people may say that it is impossible to control bots, however, that isn’t the case in RSC. RSC is only opened every 6 months (or was until recently, it is now closed indefinitely), making it much easier to control the problem. Even bot busting once a month, less, once a year, would rid RSC of a majority of its bots. If only we had a little help.

Thank you so much for reading, and discussion is welcome.

Also, any of you who may have tried RSC and couldn’t get the hang of it, why not give it another shot? You can add me if you would like, it’s a lot easier to play if you have a friend to play with, and someone to help you out.

Oh! One more thing: Bumps are appreciated. Albeit, spam is not… But I trust none of you good people would spam.

Interesting examples of moderation of RSC in the RS2 era:

The following is a statement made by Jagex on Oct 27th 2004 concerning bots in RSC. (this was after RS2 was released and became the main game):

“3000 RuneScape Classic players were banned today for using macro software to cheat. This type of software is against the rules (see rule 7).
The number of people cheating in this way on RuneScape Classic was getting out of hand and most users will agree it was really starting to ruin the game so we felt it was time to take action. Therefore the 3000 most severe offenders have been permanently banned.
Whilst we are no longer actively developing RuneScape Classic, and whilst it has far less macro detection mechanisms than our main game RuneScape, it does still have some significant protection, so don’t think you can get away with cheating at EITHER of our games. Breaking the rules in either of our games will not be tolerated.”

The following is a statement made by Jagex on Jan 12th 2006 concerning bots in RSC. (this was long after RS 3 Gold was released and became the main game):

“As regular classic players will know the classic game was being seriously spoilt by players breaking rule 7. We won’t let cheats spoil our games, so we are currently permanently banning nearly 5000 accounts which our system has flagged as using macro software in breach of our rules. RS-classic will be brought back online once that operation is complete.
We recommend all players make sure they are aware of our rules, which are there to keep the game enjoyable for our millions of players. We simply won’t let a small minority spoil the game for everyone else. If you don’t know the rules already then please make sure you Read them here!”

These two articles show that Jagex has taken action before, years after RS2 became the main game. But, can we convince them to do it again?