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Osrs main page

I take issue with this statement on a number of levels. First and foremost, the Old School servers are not about satisfying “nostalgia-hungry players.” They are about satisfying players who legitimately preferred the original gameplay to the new system that was ushered in with the Evolution of Combat and NIS. Nostalgia is something you go back to once in a while for its charm. But Old School is full of players who are dedicated to the server long-term. Many play it exclusively. For these players, it isn’t just some amusing thing to do once in a while to have a break from the main game. It IS their main game.

For further proof that Old School is not driven by nostalgia-blinded oldies who are afraid of change, look no further than updates such as God Wars Dungeon and the completely original piece of content, the Nightmare Zone. And more updates are coming. Runescape Gold Suggestions are listened to, polls are made, and players’ ideas can become reality. No one here is afraid of change. We just want changes that fit within the gaming system that Runescape was predicated upon.

And this brings me to the second half of the OSRS main page opening statement: that the server provides an authentic 2007 experience. Given the updates described above, this is simply no longer the case. I think a more accurate description of Old School is in order.

Divination prayer

Why is it that you can only protect 5 items at maximum?

+3 items(default)
+1 item(protect item at level 25 prayer, or protect item at level 50 curse)
+1 item(sign of item protection at level 69 divination)
+1 item(portent of item protection at level 92 divination)

However.. you can only protect up to a maximum of 5 items instead of 6 even though there’s boosts to get up to 6?

This makes having the level 92 divination reward almost useless because you can’t protect a 6th item. You can say it’s for the people who don’t have the protect from item curse/prayer. But everyone should have access to that by now… so what’s the point in the level 92 portent existing if it has almost no use?

You can use a Scrimshaw/Portent in in your inventory to protect 5 items which is alright, but why not the Sign/Portent at the same time?

It would be nice to see it changed so you can protect 6 items seeing how some deaths are caused by the Runescape 2007 Gold game and not your own fault (game crashes, bugs, etc). I don’t see being able to protect another item overpowered in anyway if you have the requirements met to do so.

Is protecting a maximum of 5 items something they overlooked? Or was it intended to be like this? Thoughts?

Well I see 6 items as..

1- Helmet
2- Chestplate
3- Platelegs
4- Main-hand weapon
5- Off-hand weapon
6- Boots

So if you die you’ll still lose your gloves/ring/amulet/inventory/familiar, and such which still adds up so it’s not as if you keep everything.

Runescape rule reports

Of the last several months of gameplay, not once have I seen someone who was actually at fault get a mute or any other punishment. However, several times I have seen perfectly within-the-rules become muted because someone didn’t like them. It seems you don’t even screen abuse reports, it’s like you just automatically get muted if someone reports you, and this can only be good for trolls, people who don’t play for the game itself.

Honestly, if you don’t check the reports and make sure a rule was actually broken, why do you have the report system in place?

I got this fun idea with todays super challenge

What if there was a giant wilderness war that was safe for items because you never brought anything in

it could be teams or just a massive pvp and it starts with everyone **** teleported to the edge of a wilderness thats about the size of what we have now but the 4 edges are the low level going higher as you near the middle which has no level limit

scattered around the wilderness is items anything you could hope to find randomly scattered from bronze to pop pots food summons runes arrows auras even phats better stuff is deeper in the aim is to gear

logging out or dieing makes you drop everything and you score points by killing people so at the start grab what you can to gear up but armor has its requirements still like the pop armor in it requires you to have a matching piece trade or not in your bank chaotics require having that chaotic also this way people cant have what they cant have outside and lv 90 weapons are ultra rare

killing people scores points you get some points for a kill and more for the power of their gear and their level compared to your own and you trade points for prizes like exp or gear

in the wilderness not just combat has use you can also steal stuff ppl have in their inventory and why you might not find rune armor in the safer areas you could find rune bars and a anvil to make them so people with good skills have a advantage

some areas will require you to use agility to get to others so the less agile have to take damage to get across allowing weaker people to get them when they are weak or use agility to escape from someone too strong

you might also find slayer monsters walking around full of runescape 2007 powerleveling stuff to get if you can kill em

other then combat cooking smithing fletching firemaking mining thieving agility crafting herblore woodcutting runecrafting slayer and maybe even div

when people die they are out till next round
survive longer = get more points
skilling/theft = few points

Zamorak was busy attacking the ground as it contained Guthix’ godly powers

Saradomin is good in the battle of lumbridge if you observe the cut**ne of the battle of lumbridge carefully, he originally did not know that the power of Guthix was there but when he sensed Zamorak’s prescence near lumbridge and lumbridge has a church dedicated to saradomin he arrived and saw Zamorak attacking the lumbridge, as you see in the cutscene he arrives blasting at lumbridge, the ground and trying to blast its citizens who dodged Zamorak’s fireballs by running and were lucky to survive then while Zamorak was busy attacking lumbridge and its citizens who were near the portal he was zapped in the bank by Saradomin as Saradomin knew that Zamorak had arrived near lumbridge and was attacking THEN Zamorak revealed the power under the ground, only then did Saradomin learn about the power of the tears underneath, before he came to try to protect lumbridge from Zamorak when he arrived through the portal. Watch the battle of lumbridge opening cutscene.

This is also suported by how when Zamorak arrived trying to burn the citizens of lumbridge who dodged his fireballs with how Saradomin also said in a benevolent voice “Zamorak I CANNOT allow you to continue!” after he interrupted Zamorak’s attempt to shoot fireballs at the people who were near the portal by zapping him in the back.

Just a friendly tip my Saradominist friend, before posting it would be good if you proof-read your post and separate it into paragraphs people may want to read it more. Otherwise it does not look as appealing.

I will say however, that you do have some fine points. We don’t know if Saradomin knew the divine tears were underneath lumbridge, but we must ad mit he also may have known.

Nevertheless, it was Zamorak who made the first move to unearth the tears and Saradomin would not allow him to continue, defending the area. Now that he is in this battle, Saradomin has the chance to gain power from the tears, which can only help our cause when he becomes stronger.

Saradomin will be able to build a more peaceful, just and good society with the more power he attains to ward off false and evil gods, like Zamorak.

Zamorak was busy attacking the ground as it contained Guthix’ godly powers. That some inhabitants of Lumbridge were stupid enough to stand right on that ground was their Runescape Gold problem.

Saradomin appeared and wanted to stop Zamorak from gathering all that power. Saradomin then destroyed half of Lumbridge while setting up camp to attack the ‘evil’ god Zamorak in this populated area. Of course a ruined Lumbridge was good for Saradomin, because he could blame it all on Zamorak and get more followers from the villagers who were suddenly homeless and wanted someone to blame.

Saradomin is just as ‘evil’ as Zamorak. Both are gods and don’t give anything about what you and other weak beings think about them.

Dear jagex we need help

RSC = the 2004 version of the game. NOT 2007 OSRS.

Short version: Jagex, so many of your loyal RSC players put their time, heart, and soul into preserving the RSC community and ridding RSC of bots. We just need you to back us up.

I started playing RSC back in November 2009 during the first re-opening. I have made many friends since then. However, among the wonderful players there are some bots. Many players go bot busting, report, and take screenies of hundreds of bots to try and rid their home of this infestation. Yet it seems no action is taken against them and all the effort is in vain, this poses a question:

Does Jagex even look into macroing reports sent from RSC?

Though there are only a small number of players who play RSC on a regular basis they are some of the nicest, most helpful players I have ever met in my years of playing Runescape. So many of them strive to make the RSC community as amazing as it is. They deserve a favour, so I am asking for Jagex’s help.

The favour: Allow us a J-Mod, or make a team of RSC based player mods to help control the bots.

Jagex, I know you likely think of RSC as nothing. But to many players it is something, something very important. I also know that people may say that it is impossible to control bots, however, that isn’t the case in RSC. RSC is only opened every 6 months (or was until recently, it is now closed indefinitely), making it much easier to control the problem. Even bot busting once a month, less, once a year, would rid RSC of a majority of its bots. If only we had a little help.

Thank you so much for reading, and discussion is welcome.

Also, any of you who may have tried RSC and couldn’t get the hang of it, why not give it another shot? You can add me if you would like, it’s a lot easier to play if you have a friend to play with, and someone to help you out.

Oh! One more thing: Bumps are appreciated. Albeit, spam is not… But I trust none of you good people would spam.

Interesting examples of moderation of RSC in the RS2 era:

The following is a statement made by Jagex on Oct 27th 2004 concerning bots in RSC. (this was after RS2 was released and became the main game):

“3000 RuneScape Classic players were banned today for using macro software to cheat. This type of software is against the rules (see rule 7).
The number of people cheating in this way on RuneScape Classic was getting out of hand and most users will agree it was really starting to ruin the game so we felt it was time to take action. Therefore the 3000 most severe offenders have been permanently banned.
Whilst we are no longer actively developing RuneScape Classic, and whilst it has far less macro detection mechanisms than our main game RuneScape, it does still have some significant protection, so don’t think you can get away with cheating at EITHER of our games. Breaking the rules in either of our games will not be tolerated.”

The following is a statement made by Jagex on Jan 12th 2006 concerning bots in RSC. (this was long after RS 3 Gold was released and became the main game):

“As regular classic players will know the classic game was being seriously spoilt by players breaking rule 7. We won’t let cheats spoil our games, so we are currently permanently banning nearly 5000 accounts which our system has flagged as using macro software in breach of our rules. RS-classic will be brought back online once that operation is complete.
We recommend all players make sure they are aware of our rules, which are there to keep the game enjoyable for our millions of players. We simply won’t let a small minority spoil the game for everyone else. If you don’t know the rules already then please make sure you Read them here!”

These two articles show that Jagex has taken action before, years after RS2 became the main game. But, can we convince them to do it again?

Runescape evolution

I see this forum is still full of rants and fighting, even over a year since the Runescape EoC beta was launched. I can’t hope to change that, but I can still try to provide a balanced perspective.

Yes, a balanced perspective. Coming from someone you believe to be a pro-EoC, that’s probably hard to believe. I am no longer pro-EoC, but neither am I anti-EoC. I am neutral on the issue – the EoC was in part a bad decision, in part a good one, in part the wrong change, in part the right one. And beyond that, I no longer actively play RuneScape – for unrelated reasons – so I have nothing invested in what becomes of the EoC.

As I said above, the EoC was both a bad decision and a good one. It was a bad decision because you can hardly hope to drive off half your playerbase and still grow by word of mouth. This was partly, but not completely, rectified recently, as I actually saw an add for RuneScape Gold online the other day. Rather shocking, but a move in the right direction.

It was also a good decision, though. RuneScape could continue with the old combat system for a while, maybe. But really, there are only three reasons why people would, after a while, continue to play: Cheapness, low computer requirements, and relaxed playstyle.

Cheapness would remain – but that playerbase alone won’t sustain RuneScape, because many would likely become F2P, and those that remained members… will a hundred thousand members sustain a large company? Not very well, certainly.

Low computer requirements… valid now, but as better computers gradually become cheaper, anything that can’t run a better game will probably be completely obsolete within a decade. Technology grows exponentially. Particularly with quantum computers around the corner…. those make a modern one look like a mechanical calculator from around WWII.

Relaxed playstyle will remain valid, but it only applies to combat, skills are an endless grind. This will drive away a lot of casual players as the community dies off (nothing keeping them here but the gameplay itself).

So eventually, without change, RuneScape will die.

This is not to say the EoC was the right change. It was simply A CHANGE. But the reason that was a good idea: The longer we stay the same way, the more we’ll hold onto it. A smaller change every year or two would be ideal. But a change enough to destabilize the game – this is perfect, we’ll likely have much less difficulty adjusting to the next big change.

I also mentioned that the EoC was both the wrong change, and the right one. This is based on combat “skill” (for RuneScape, in both combat systems, where I refer to “skill” I mean necessary reflexes. There was and is no skill in RuneScape).

The old combat system had better skill – but only at the very pinnacle. Someone around 120+ who would afford to hybrid would have a lot of skill involved. But that’s it. If we scale it down to a typical 80 who might be able to afford a set of Barrows armor, a Bandos Godsword and a Whip… well, that pretty much looked like this:
1. Godsword special
2. Whip
3. Eat when below 200 health
4. Hope the RNG goes in your favor

So pre-EoC had superior endgame PvP (why was PvP the endgame, by the way?) but inferior general PvP.

The EoC has more skill in generally accessible PvP. A 140 will need a lot more skill than someone with 70s stats previously. It’s still not a lot – while I, being self-taught, took about 4 months to gain a reasonable level of skill, I’ve taught others to do the same in about two hours, plus another few for practice – but to the extent where (AFTER they made stats matter) a 160 could easily wipe the floor with less-skilled 180s, that’s more than pre-EoC, at least at that level (a 120 could probably do the same to a 138, right?).