Lumby almost out of cash

Seriously. We started at 160000. Now we have 25000 in the Lumbridge Emergency Treasury. Stop. Wasting. Money. Vote “Refuse his services” for this week’s Duke’s Dilemma. And, for party hat’s sake, don’t choose to train guard spiders. Then, for the rest of the battle, we won’t be able to vote on ANYTHING. Even the awesome ones!

I’ve also added a section where I criticize your decisions and put the choices that would have saved Runescape money:
REFUGEE SHELTER- I made the same mistake, honestly. It was only after that I realized that they did nothing, so it was a waste of 20000 to give both families a room. On the other hand, people have started living on east Lum again!
RECRUIT MORE GUARDS- Well, we honestly didn’t need it. Sure, it’s cool, but as fighting is unlikely to spill…. a people’s militia would have saved 15000.
ASSISTANCE FROM FALADOR- Well, it was cheap….. but to…. oriented to one side….. (Guthix FTW!)
IMPROVED GUARDS- Did we seriously need both training AND weapons? It was 20000 more than it could have been!
RECRUIT WARDSMEN- Well, we didn’t really NEED them, but I suppose they’re nice to have….

I’m pretty certain the outcome of the battle won’t be as dramatic as the death of the loser, BTW. It’ll probably be who controls Lumbridge in the future. And if we’re a broke, shambling town without the money to pay it’s guards, then the people of Lumbridge will submit pretty quickly…. and I will have to try spreading the economic word to the next world event, which I guess is probably Varrock, Falador, or maybe Port Sarim/Rimmington