Pre runescape eoc sever

I’m making this forum thread just to discuss ideas and maybe show Jagex that a good portion would appreciate the old combat system, prior to Runescape EOC.

I’m not complaining about the eoc, but 07 was a little far back. I am a maxed player with completion cape and I’m not into just (restarting)

Maybe we can think of some great ideas and Jagex can respect the community like they always have and do something about it.

I personally have put too much time into my account, I do not want to play 07 so I can restart an account, when really it’s not even the real Runescape.

I think Jagex can come up with a type of server, that features all of the skills including Divination, but they can remove the eoc benefits, such as dual weilding, the character stance, and the abilities. This server will also be up to date with the live game, you have all your xp and skills. Maybe it’s just a world, or set of worlds.

I personally liked training and running around with a main hand weapon, then a shield.

So please, if you have my support let me know, I will add you to the list as soon as possible.