For guthix sake

I feel as if Jagex has added this week’s options just to make fun of us… Seeing as people will probably vote for guard spiders.

I mean seriously people, if you think that a guard spider is going to protect Lumbridge from rampaging Gods…

Though it is an amusing option and I would be more likely to vote for it than previous options (Guards, training, magical wards…).I approve of the wards-man outcome, we didn’t blow all our cash on a witchdoctor nor risk open war in the streets with the ZMI. Though saving up the cash would have been preferable.

As for this weeks dilemma, we have upgraded guards and the white knights, to hell with this trainer. We don’t need any more melee fighters, we should just get rid of the damn guardsman who sucked up a good chunk of the budget.

And what moron would blow 10k on useless attack rats anyway?Hmmmm let me think…Guard Dogs, Guard Rats, or Guard Spiders…..pfft, gtfo. White Knights and Elite Guards are garbage why waste more money on more garbage.

People need to stop wasting the runescape money.

Actually, I think I get it now. People aren’t wasting the money; hear me out. What if the strategy of the majority of the community is to hire as many worthless defenses such as White Knights and Guards. Then we send them out to “defend” Lumbridge. Needless to say they will all get slaughtered. However, since we spent so much money hiring so many units to defend Lumbridge all the dead bodies just pile up forming a giant impenetrable meat shield around Lumbridge. Upgrading the guards makes sense now since they now will have those rune sword poking out which will cause more attackers to impale themselves against the wall.