Not getting enriched memories

Now I don’t want to go ahead and say it’s a bug … but surely there’s something going on here. I was averaging 1-3 enriched memories per inventory, and now I’ve gone 10+ full inventories without a single one. I noticed this after I left and did a farm run.

Has this happened to anyone else or am I just absurdly unlucky? This can’t be right, I was just getting them moments ago.So at level 50, I was getting about 4-5 Enriched Gleaming Memories per inventory, but then I leveled to 51, and now I’m not getting any at all. Literally nothing at all, unless it’s from an Enriched Gleaming Spring.

I noticed it was like this when I was level 41-43 as well, and after 44-45 I started getting them again.

This really does seem like those levels are bugged.