Runescape divination divine locations

I find the 1 pro day restriction of the divine locations a bit too ‘much’, maybe not for the higher tier locations, but for the lower leveled ones.
Why do I think so ?
Well because if I use a divine tree and only get around 700 woodcutting exp (enough to get from level 1 to 7) I just think, why even bother, yes it is nice exp and some free resources, but was it really worth to train my divination to level 7 (so many sevens)
just to get the divine tree?
Or in another scenario you would have to find someone who would waste his/hers daily divine location for a divine tree.
Yes this might be only one example, but really it’s the same for most low level divine locations.

So I ask why have such a strict restriction on the lower tier resources ? maybe higher it to 2 or 3 a day for divine locations that require a divination level under 30 to make with an hour or two apart would be nice, this might seems a bit useless knowing that getting past 30 is pretty fast and easy, it wouldn’t be that useless for Runescape 2007 Gold players who joined recently on runescape 3.

Imagine being able to place 5 divine runite rocks at level 80 divination, just get 10-20 people with the same level to place rocks occasionally and you could get very high amounts of runite ore circulating in no time. the same case for other locations, all the gathering skills affected by divination would have their resources devaluated.