Some F2P changes

I’ve got a couple suggestions on how the free game could be improved. I don’t know to whom this really matters but whatever, here goes.

1. The Combat Triangle – Making Weapons/Armour
In the free game, one can make all of the basic, non-degradable melee armour available (so long as one’s Smithing level is high enough). However we still have yet to see most F2P Ranged or Magic weapons and armour craftable in the free game (bows, arrows, and dragonhide, carapace, and batwing). I feel that it would be a nice improvement to the availability of such equipment. Of course, a solution would probably involve releasing Fletching to free players, at least up to a certain extent, as well as some members-only facets of Crafting. The release of the weaker chromatic dragons could be a welcome addition to F2P Prayer training as well.

2. Smithing and Mining Rework
Just in my opinion, 85 Mining and Smithing seem to be pretty steep requirements to make a rune dagger from scratch. Plus, these requirements leave little to no room for plausible levels at which higher leveled armour is made. With level 90 Smithing, one could possibly make a dragonfire shield or tetsu armour, yet the ability to make a rune platebody is not unlocked until level 99. I think that some good levels for Mining and Smithing would be 1-14 for bronze, 15-29 for iron, 30-44 for steel, 45-59 for mithril, 60-74 for adamant, and 75-89 for rune. Then at least the level 90+ requirements of the smithable members’ objects would make sense with respect to the requirements for rune armour.

3. Magic Staves
Another one of the more minor details… I think it would be nice if there were some better two-handed magic weapons available to free players between the mindspike at 5 and the law staff at 45. The addition of elemental battlestaves at a sort of midway-point of 30 Magic could be nice, being a better weapon than the mindspike, and not requiring Dungeoneering tokens, either.

4. Melee Boots
Just one of those minor details again… The addition of metal melee boots to the free game might be nice, and I’m not sure why they’re members only at the moment.

5. Strongholds of Security & runescape gold Player Safety Armour – Scalable?
Remember those? Their boots and gloves have long since died out, mostly because of their level 1 Defence requirement. I never knew why they were specifically classified as melee equipment, either. So how about the safety gloves and the fighting/fancy boots being classified as hybrid equipment that scales with your Defence level up to a certain point? Just to give those old gloves and boots a decent use again.

6. Crossbows
This always bothered me about weaknesses. The specific ones such as slash, stab, crush, air, water, earth, fire, arrows, and thrown have always been available to free players without any harsh restriction upon equipment, except for the weakness to bolts. Some F2P crossbows and bolts would be nice, just to include the possibility for maximum damage output according to one’s Ranged level, up to 50, when fighting monsters specifically weak to bolts.Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to leave any suggestions you might have as well, I as well as many others would surely like to hear them.