Runescape bag

What it is:

A Rune Bag would be an item to be equipped in the same slot as were arrows would be held. Its purpose is to hold combat runes or runes for skilling.

Obtainable From:

The bag will be a reward from – Runespan

1k for a lesser version *only elemental*
10k for mid-level version *up to Nature*
20k for greater version *all types*

Lesser version – 25 runecrafting & 35 mage
Mid-level version – 45 runecrafting & 40 mage
Greater version – 80 runecrafting & 75 mage

Content of losing it:

The bag will not degrade but if you die it can only be recovered for free 2 times from the rewards Wizard. The more you buy the higher a new one would cost.

Example – You lose/destroy the bag 3 times you go to get a lesser one back from the rewards shop, it will cost you 1,500 points instead of 1,000 points.

The cap for losing a lesser bag is 6,000 points, the cost for a mid-level 15,000 points, and finally the cost for greater would be 25k. So you can lose your bag ten times to get a max of a 5k points stack to payout.

For the fun of it:

If you have completed the god emissary missions for your chosen god, you may gain a bag from the rewards wizard that has your gods symbol on it and will be visible around the waist of your player, as a small white or black bag with your gods symbol. The symbol for the godless may also be displayed.

Reason for this idea:

Well you don’t have to carry around arrows so why do we have to carry around runes in our bags? I also thought that it would be a welcomed addition to the Runespan. Because if the lore I’ve read so far serves me right the runes are aspects that the runescape gold hold very dear to using their power and magic is a large impact on most there fights in the past ages, so endowing a bag with their symbol could be used in GWD for that god. A quiver and sword sheath may also be nice things for the rewards shop that will have god emblems.