Sacred metal FC

I don’t know if anybody already made one, but since I failed to find it I’m gonna assume no one did.

FCs’ goal will be to gather together runescape 2007 gold players whos common goal is to get as much sacred metal as fast as possible – by calling worlds in which some of the resource spots have turned into sacred metal. Chat may as well be used for any general chatter – as long as it doesn’t violate any Rules of Runescape, of course, and is not annoying.

I never ran a FC for anything before, so I’m just leaving it hanging there for people to use for now. If you have any advice on improving the chat, feel free to post. Bumps are also appreciated.

FC name is: hop4metal

Everyone is welcome! And it’s advised to keep your private on so people can hop to you the moment you call a world.Yeah I remembered about that a minute after posting XD I enabled it now so should start working shortly