Important grand exchng runescape update

When new items come out their price changes a lot. When big changes are made to items their price changes a lot.

These changes are not reflected in the GE price because the price is fixed to 5% per day change. This does lead players to get scammed out of millions when they appear to be getting a good deal.

Currently people are getting scammed*** by tectonic items, before that it was player ports, before that it was ranged dragonfire shields, before that it was corrupt statius gear, before that it was who even cares because I’ve made my point.

Possible suggestions:
– display a trade history for an item showing the actual amount people paid on the GE for items. To prevent manipulation, only use the GE price and list all trades. Listing just 10 or 20 probably wouldn’t be robust.

– display a REAL average trade price over the last 30, 90, 180 trades on the GE. This trade price should not be limited to a 5% per day constraint like the current price.

Runescape Gold PLAYERS can often protect themselves from this scam by simply ALWAYS buying your items on the GE instead. If someone says “selling for 70m under” try it on the GE at that price. You’ll almost always save money buying it on the GE.