The last runescape cheeseburger

No more cows are on Earth. No more cheese. No more Beef. No more cheeseburgers! What will Mod mark and Mod tuffty do?

Both of them approached the cheeseburger with hunger and evil. Both of them wanted it. Both of them needed it. Whoever didn’t eat that cheeseburger, will die.

Mod mark took one step, but that kinda caused an earthquake and made tuffty trip. He screamed, and he shot out a lazer of lard at Mod mark. He ate it. No human body could possibly hold so much lard! Mod mark exploded, and a tsunami of lard killed everyone in a 100 mile radius. Mod tuffty ate his remains. He approached the cheeseburger, only to realize there was mold on it. Mod tuffty exploded.

I’ve been trying to reach you in-game lately, but I guess you were afk or something. Anyway, I find your stories hilarious, and I’ve been saving them as I read them.

I seem to be missing a few though. I didn’t get to read “The Mists of Lard” or “The Adventures of Tuffty Part 2-5” before they were locked.

If you can reach me in game and tell me some more, I’d appreciate it. And I’ll gladly compensate you for your time. Maybe 1m per story.