Dukes dilemma now runescape p2p only

I logged on today a few minutes after the reset and got the message
Reminder: You can vote on this weeks Lumbridge reconstruction task, and earn bonus XP, by speaking to Duke Horacio on the first floor of Lumbridge castle.

I have been very interested with these votes, voting in the past two. I went to the duke, and tried casting my vote. When I clicked cast vote I got the message ‘The Dukes Dilemma is only available on members worlds’.

What I am asking is why, after the past 2 votes being F2P do you make this one P2P? I don’t care about the bonus xp, (which is mems only) I care about my vote meaning something.

Hasn’t anyone taught you it’s rude to give people things, then whisk them away for no good reason?

This is a load of crap what am i Five and Jagex is the school yard bully whose about to give me a piece of candy or something then just decides to take it back just to spite me and to make me even more angry.

Its a poor analogy i know but still this is stupid I’ve played this game for over five years and there still pulling this crap.

Yeah I had the same Runescape Gold problem. I swear I’ve seen this too many times. They let your hopes up and then they crush it after like two weeks.

It also doesn’t make any sense because why would you let us vote for 2 weeks and then restrict the third vote?

I’m like just not going to even attempt to help with this battle crap if they are slowly and secretly taking away the privileges of the F2P to make people do P2P. If I remember correctly in any gaming, F2P is what made people become P2P.

I think they have forgotten that. Seriously next thing you know, you have to pay just to deposit the divine tears and vote for the powers for Zamarock and Saradomin.