Signs and portens

Sign of Life

Tradable: Yes.
Effect: Revives at death + 25% of HP returned.
Location: Pocket-slot.
Level required: 78 Divination.

Portent of Life

Tradable: No.
Effect: Revives at death + 25% of HP returned.
Location: Inventory.
Level required: 99 Divination

Both do not stack.

Sign of Item Protection

Tradable: Yes.
Effect: Extra item on death.
Location: Pocket-slot.
Level required: 69 Divination.

Portent of Item Protection

Tradable: No.
Effect: Extra item on death.
Location: Inventory.
Level required: 92 Divination

Both do stack.

Why do we have two times the same effects, just held in different spots and either tradable or not? Seems like a very swift case of copy & paste.

This whole skill is a copy & paste. Every excuse you guys made when it came to variety came down to ”it was designed like that”.

Make the untradable Runescape items give a far more potent effect. I suggest the following:

– The Portent of Life can give your HP back ranging from 25% to 50%.

– The Portent of Item Protection protects items ranging from 1 to 3.

Make the untradable items WORTH it. I see no point at all in getting the portents, because they’re hilariously useless. Heck, due to the rarity pocket-slot items, the signs are even more useful than the portents!

Also, please consider the following as well:

– Give the wisps a change in colour – even if it is a change in colour hue.

– The energy rifts had NO excuse not to look different. Let a Karamja one be filled with grown plants, a Morytania one be surrounded by skulls, etc…

Thanks for reading. Let’s hope you TRULY MAKE THIS THE YEAR OF THE PLAYER and listen to feedback.

Lumby almost out of cash

Seriously. We started at 160000. Now we have 25000 in the Lumbridge Emergency Treasury. Stop. Wasting. Money. Vote “Refuse his services” for this week’s Duke’s Dilemma. And, for party hat’s sake, don’t choose to train guard spiders. Then, for the rest of the battle, we won’t be able to vote on ANYTHING. Even the awesome ones!

I’ve also added a section where I criticize your decisions and put the choices that would have saved Runescape money:
REFUGEE SHELTER- I made the same mistake, honestly. It was only after that I realized that they did nothing, so it was a waste of 20000 to give both families a room. On the other hand, people have started living on east Lum again!
RECRUIT MORE GUARDS- Well, we honestly didn’t need it. Sure, it’s cool, but as fighting is unlikely to spill…. a people’s militia would have saved 15000.
ASSISTANCE FROM FALADOR- Well, it was cheap….. but to…. oriented to one side….. (Guthix FTW!)
IMPROVED GUARDS- Did we seriously need both training AND weapons? It was 20000 more than it could have been!
RECRUIT WARDSMEN- Well, we didn’t really NEED them, but I suppose they’re nice to have….

I’m pretty certain the outcome of the battle won’t be as dramatic as the death of the loser, BTW. It’ll probably be who controls Lumbridge in the future. And if we’re a broke, shambling town without the money to pay it’s guards, then the people of Lumbridge will submit pretty quickly…. and I will have to try spreading the economic word to the next world event, which I guess is probably Varrock, Falador, or maybe Port Sarim/Rimmington

Revert mining jujus

Instead of banking, they now boost xp by 10% and occasionally smelt ores giving smithing xp when a spirit appears.

Woodcutting jujus still bank the logs normally.

INSTEAD of changing the potion, a new potion should have been made.
(Or nothing at all)


Its made from ARGWAY (one of the least used herbs in herblore habitat) and PUNGENT VINES (from Carrion Jadinkos).

This potion would have the same effect as the current juju mining potions.

Divination Signs
The new divination items only bank up to 30 Runescape items per item.
Jujus easily banked more than that per DOSE let alone a entire vial/flask.

Advantages of new potion:
– Increases XP per hour and gives extra smithing xp
Disadvantages of new potion:
– Requires more dropping/banking to use.
– Eliminates all profit per hour if powermining.
– Reduces profit per hour if mining for cash, since signs are less effective than mining jujus. (Potions easily bank over 30 ores per inventory space).Even with juju banking effects, the new items would still be useful.

Juju mining only works with ores and doesnt bank all mined ores due to being a chance based item.

The new divination items bank a higher variety of items with 100% rate, which is useful for things that take longer to obtain such as white berries, unicorn horns and dragonhide.

Pre runescape eoc sever

I’m making this forum thread just to discuss ideas and maybe show Jagex that a good portion would appreciate the old combat system, prior to Runescape EOC.

I’m not complaining about the eoc, but 07 was a little far back. I am a maxed player with completion cape and I’m not into just (restarting)

Maybe we can think of some great ideas and Jagex can respect the community like they always have and do something about it.

I personally have put too much time into my account, I do not want to play 07 so I can restart an account, when really it’s not even the real Runescape.

I think Jagex can come up with a type of server, that features all of the skills including Divination, but they can remove the eoc benefits, such as dual weilding, the character stance, and the abilities. This server will also be up to date with the live game, you have all your xp and skills. Maybe it’s just a world, or set of worlds.

I personally liked training and running around with a main hand weapon, then a shield.

So please, if you have my support let me know, I will add you to the list as soon as possible.

For guthix sake

I feel as if Jagex has added this week’s options just to make fun of us… Seeing as people will probably vote for guard spiders.

I mean seriously people, if you think that a guard spider is going to protect Lumbridge from rampaging Gods…

Though it is an amusing option and I would be more likely to vote for it than previous options (Guards, training, magical wards…).I approve of the wards-man outcome, we didn’t blow all our cash on a witchdoctor nor risk open war in the streets with the ZMI. Though saving up the cash would have been preferable.

As for this weeks dilemma, we have upgraded guards and the white knights, to hell with this trainer. We don’t need any more melee fighters, we should just get rid of the damn guardsman who sucked up a good chunk of the budget.

And what moron would blow 10k on useless attack rats anyway?Hmmmm let me think…Guard Dogs, Guard Rats, or Guard Spiders…..pfft, gtfo. White Knights and Elite Guards are garbage why waste more money on more garbage.

People need to stop wasting the runescape money.

Actually, I think I get it now. People aren’t wasting the money; hear me out. What if the strategy of the majority of the community is to hire as many worthless defenses such as White Knights and Guards. Then we send them out to “defend” Lumbridge. Needless to say they will all get slaughtered. However, since we spent so much money hiring so many units to defend Lumbridge all the dead bodies just pile up forming a giant impenetrable meat shield around Lumbridge. Upgrading the guards makes sense now since they now will have those rune sword poking out which will cause more attackers to impale themselves against the wall.

Not getting enriched memories

Now I don’t want to go ahead and say it’s a bug … but surely there’s something going on here. I was averaging 1-3 enriched memories per inventory, and now I’ve gone 10+ full inventories without a single one. I noticed this after I left and did a farm run.

Has this happened to anyone else or am I just absurdly unlucky? This can’t be right, I was just getting them moments ago.So at level 50, I was getting about 4-5 Enriched Gleaming Memories per inventory, but then I leveled to 51, and now I’m not getting any at all. Literally nothing at all, unless it’s from an Enriched Gleaming Spring.

I noticed it was like this when I was level 41-43 as well, and after 44-45 I started getting them again.

This really does seem like those levels are bugged.

Runescape divination divine locations

I find the 1 pro day restriction of the divine locations a bit too ‘much’, maybe not for the higher tier locations, but for the lower leveled ones.
Why do I think so ?
Well because if I use a divine tree and only get around 700 woodcutting exp (enough to get from level 1 to 7) I just think, why even bother, yes it is nice exp and some free resources, but was it really worth to train my divination to level 7 (so many sevens)
just to get the divine tree?
Or in another scenario you would have to find someone who would waste his/hers daily divine location for a divine tree.
Yes this might be only one example, but really it’s the same for most low level divine locations.

So I ask why have such a strict restriction on the lower tier resources ? maybe higher it to 2 or 3 a day for divine locations that require a divination level under 30 to make with an hour or two apart would be nice, this might seems a bit useless knowing that getting past 30 is pretty fast and easy, it wouldn’t be that useless for Runescape 2007 Gold players who joined recently on runescape 3.

Imagine being able to place 5 divine runite rocks at level 80 divination, just get 10-20 people with the same level to place rocks occasionally and you could get very high amounts of runite ore circulating in no time. the same case for other locations, all the gathering skills affected by divination would have their resources devaluated.

Login servers offline again

I hate to say it but it looks like they are offline once again – Is it starting to get a bit tedious for anyone else?

It seems as though there was a maintenance update earlier and i m wondering whether its related to said update.

But either way the downtime in the past few weeks along with the server issues are starting to become a major issue – Personally I would sacrifice a lot of future content in order to get the servers back to a playable standard.

Whats the use in new content if we cant access it due to lag/dcing and server issues?

Some F2P changes

I’ve got a couple suggestions on how the free game could be improved. I don’t know to whom this really matters but whatever, here goes.

1. The Combat Triangle – Making Weapons/Armour
In the free game, one can make all of the basic, non-degradable melee armour available (so long as one’s Smithing level is high enough). However we still have yet to see most F2P Ranged or Magic weapons and armour craftable in the free game (bows, arrows, and dragonhide, carapace, and batwing). I feel that it would be a nice improvement to the availability of such equipment. Of course, a solution would probably involve releasing Fletching to free players, at least up to a certain extent, as well as some members-only facets of Crafting. The release of the weaker chromatic dragons could be a welcome addition to F2P Prayer training as well.

2. Smithing and Mining Rework
Just in my opinion, 85 Mining and Smithing seem to be pretty steep requirements to make a rune dagger from scratch. Plus, these requirements leave little to no room for plausible levels at which higher leveled armour is made. With level 90 Smithing, one could possibly make a dragonfire shield or tetsu armour, yet the ability to make a rune platebody is not unlocked until level 99. I think that some good levels for Mining and Smithing would be 1-14 for bronze, 15-29 for iron, 30-44 for steel, 45-59 for mithril, 60-74 for adamant, and 75-89 for rune. Then at least the level 90+ requirements of the smithable members’ objects would make sense with respect to the requirements for rune armour.

3. Magic Staves
Another one of the more minor details… I think it would be nice if there were some better two-handed magic weapons available to free players between the mindspike at 5 and the law staff at 45. The addition of elemental battlestaves at a sort of midway-point of 30 Magic could be nice, being a better weapon than the mindspike, and not requiring Dungeoneering tokens, either.

4. Melee Boots
Just one of those minor details again… The addition of metal melee boots to the free game might be nice, and I’m not sure why they’re members only at the moment.

5. Strongholds of Security & runescape gold Player Safety Armour – Scalable?
Remember those? Their boots and gloves have long since died out, mostly because of their level 1 Defence requirement. I never knew why they were specifically classified as melee equipment, either. So how about the safety gloves and the fighting/fancy boots being classified as hybrid equipment that scales with your Defence level up to a certain point? Just to give those old gloves and boots a decent use again.

6. Crossbows
This always bothered me about weaknesses. The specific ones such as slash, stab, crush, air, water, earth, fire, arrows, and thrown have always been available to free players without any harsh restriction upon equipment, except for the weakness to bolts. Some F2P crossbows and bolts would be nice, just to include the possibility for maximum damage output according to one’s Ranged level, up to 50, when fighting monsters specifically weak to bolts.Well, I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to leave any suggestions you might have as well, I as well as many others would surely like to hear them.

Runescape bag

What it is:

A Rune Bag would be an item to be equipped in the same slot as were arrows would be held. Its purpose is to hold combat runes or runes for skilling.

Obtainable From:

The bag will be a reward from – Runespan

1k for a lesser version *only elemental*
10k for mid-level version *up to Nature*
20k for greater version *all types*

Lesser version – 25 runecrafting & 35 mage
Mid-level version – 45 runecrafting & 40 mage
Greater version – 80 runecrafting & 75 mage

Content of losing it:

The bag will not degrade but if you die it can only be recovered for free 2 times from the rewards Wizard. The more you buy the higher a new one would cost.

Example – You lose/destroy the bag 3 times you go to get a lesser one back from the rewards shop, it will cost you 1,500 points instead of 1,000 points.

The cap for losing a lesser bag is 6,000 points, the cost for a mid-level 15,000 points, and finally the cost for greater would be 25k. So you can lose your bag ten times to get a max of a 5k points stack to payout.

For the fun of it:

If you have completed the god emissary missions for your chosen god, you may gain a bag from the rewards wizard that has your gods symbol on it and will be visible around the waist of your player, as a small white or black bag with your gods symbol. The symbol for the godless may also be displayed.

Reason for this idea:

Well you don’t have to carry around arrows so why do we have to carry around runes in our bags? I also thought that it would be a welcomed addition to the Runespan. Because if the lore I’ve read so far serves me right the runes are aspects that the runescape gold hold very dear to using their power and magic is a large impact on most there fights in the past ages, so endowing a bag with their symbol could be used in GWD for that god. A quiver and sword sheath may also be nice things for the rewards shop that will have god emblems.