Are the alchemists elder gods

Well, no, I doubt they are. But there is one small problem with that.

In the Tower of Life quest, you help some alchemists complete a Tower, in which they then bring to life the “Homunculus,” which is a fully sentient living being.

Problem is, Mods have said recently that the hallmark of the Elder Gods, and what sets them above and beyond the Younger Gods, is that they are able to create life.

The Homonculus itself also creates new life out of pieces of other life, in the creature creation minigame.

Clearly a contradiction (albeit an understandable one given the long amount of time between that quests release and now).

The only way I can think of for this to work is if those alchemists unknowingly ( or maybe even knowingly…) harnessed a previously unknown Elder Artifacts power…but I don’t remember anything in the quest that could be one.

Well, the main idea seems to be the creation of life ex nihilo which is what the alchemists seem to do.

They say that “without the life essence of guthix, which he left below the ground, we would not be able to bring this tower to life” they then cast a spell which creates a bunch of glowing orbs above them, then the homonculus just appears in the cage.

I suppose “life essence” could refer to an artifact left there (not originally Guthixian as Guthix didn’t seem to be able to create life), but if so, what?

Help me rebuild my runescape bank

As a long-ish time RS player, I was recently hacked and stripped of everything valuable to me. Literally all I have is full bronze, lost around 58M. The main purpose of this topic is for you guys to provide me with ways of making money out of basically nothing! I don’t have any 99s or high skills, but if I can get 5m by the end of the week, things won’t look too bleak. Any new tips or low cash merch/flips that can be posted would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Added Daily total (at end of the day)
July 11th- 2M
July 12th- 3.2M
July 13th- 3.7M
July 14th- 5.02M ( Goal reached!)
July 14th- 7.8M!!!!!! (Midnight Update)
July 15th- 6.5m (Scammed, now im left with 1k worthless overpaid scrolls) :/
and I had the green 10M tooo!

If you’re going for unicorn horns to make money, you may be better off killing Unicows instead. Looking at your combat stats, you should be able to kill them easily, too. Killing them only requires the Tower of Life quest (short and easy, if I remember correctly). To make it faster, completing at least the Ardougne Easy task/achievement set is highly recommended.

The wondrous unicow is created with one unicorn horn and one cow hide. Upon death, it drops at least one unicorn horn (and bones), but is more likely to drop more. Even better, if you have an Ardougne Cloak on (from the task set mentioned before), the horn drops will likely be noted. Your only investment will be the cow hides, which you can easily get with a quick Combat Academy teleport. Possibly the best part is that only you can attack the unicow that you create, so there’s no competition (not that many people go there anyway).

For a little quicker cash, you can Buy Runescape Gold the broad arrowheads sold by Slayer Masters and sell them back on the GE for nearly double the investment. The two slayer masters in Taverley share a stock, and all of the other slayer masters share a separate stock, and each one takes about 24 hours to fully restock.

Seeing as you have already reached your goal, why not help you out a bit more. The way I make money is not exactly through a strict process, more like earning it when I could care less about it. I basically skill most of the time and do quests. Just doing various skills and setting goals the items I keep and bank start to take value and suddenly I have good amount of money when I cash in at day’s end.

Some skills I suggest are harvesting skills like woodcutting and mining, and then skills that help you train multiple ways such as slayer. I also happen to run into clue scrolls along the way, which can make me a ton of money.

Why don’t you get the message about EOC for ONCE

AOE spells have been altered to function as they did previously:

AOE spells now deal slightly less damage to non-main targets.
Blood spells now heal 5% damage dealt against main targets (as before), and 3% against other targets.
Soul Split now heals 10% damage dealt against main targets (as before), and 5% against other targets.


Brilliant, the only thing making slayer fun and the only way to bypass the need for 100% use of abilities when slaying is now nerfed, thanks a lot…. I was starting to enjoy eoc but now it’s back to the depressing drawing board

Why don’t you get the message about Runescape EOC for ONCE

Most tasks weren’t affected too badly by this, they are slightly slower barraging but nothing major, still finishing 200m slay by barraging half my tasks!

p.s This thread has gone on longer than I originally anticipated. This is not a rant or an attempt to undermine the efforts of Jagex, I am simply saying that I’m and I am sure many others not happy with the way things are currently, eoc needs work, and I don’t want things to get brushed under the rug.I feel momentum is under-powered and it does not live up to it’s original
purpose! The only place id consider using it is for champion scrolls or for killing goblins.

I am not 100% anti-ability, I use abilities at bosses, pvp, quests etc, however I feel for regular combat training and the majority of slayer tasks it’s a pointless and an unnecessary grind.

200 million xp on the runescape hiscores

This may seem like a ridiculous question but: how are players with 200 million XP in a certain skill ranked on the hiscores? I appreciate that it is in the order upon which they gained 200 million in the skill, but why, in some cases, are players who are ranked 1st in a skill moved down to 2nd, even though both them and the person who has overtaken them have 200 million XP?

I know this may be confusing so here’s an example: JC Marlin was once 1st in Agility, with 200 million XP, however recently he has been overtaken by Islam Peace; how? Another example is Firemaking: A Log Burner was once 1st with 200 million XP, now Empror1 is…?

Thanks for your time and if you know any reasons why this is I’d love to know – it’s really been bugging me!

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Gems are employed in rings, silver necklaces and amulets. When you enchant one of these magic items, that will have a unique power not applicable to all necklaces. However, you need to cut the gems before you can use them and rs yellow metal. Regular gems may be obtained randomly although mining rocks. They also drop a large number of monsters in the earth of RuneScape. As well as the normal gems, you can find gems known because Shilo Gems.

I have only Ever done the Warbands a few times

Look, I know you want to encourage clan Wilderness fights around Warbands. But that’s not what’s happening. PvP is dead and with it, PvP clans–hence no one has the power to attack the Warbands, leaving the friends chats with a complete monopoly. Anyone who isn’t with them is slaughtered instantly upon arrival, no chance to fight back. There’s no group who can.

So please, do something about the friends chats. Make it so that orange and green dots stay, but Team Capes and Friends Chats all show up as white dots still. This removes their ability to distinguish and kills the monopoly. What’s the point of a Wilderness D&D if all it is is a small group going out in complete safety, no one even bothering to attack, and everyone else being slaughtered hopelessly? That’s not Wilderness. There is no risk for the reward–it’s a level 200 killing Goblins.

Now I don’t PvP that much. And I have only Ever done the Warbands a few times. But I agree that it ridiculous that what friend chats have done to Warbands.

I went to warbands once on my own died instantly. The next two times I went in a friend chat. The First time I went with a friend I got attack from people in the chat. The next time I finally got some rewards from Warbands.

To tell you the truth I don’t PvP because I get too competitive and get angry quickly. The only Pking I really do on a regular basis is pking BOTs and it seems that even that is getting harder to do. With some of the tweaks to the EOC pking has become less about skill and more about luck.

Closing threads?lost runescape iterms

I would like to raise a point here for people who are closing threads, in the terms and conditions it staes quiet clearly that

If you are dissatisfied with this website or any aspect of it, please contact us via the forms on our website or write to our registered office above.

People are not being allowed to complain if you close their threads, I am complaining that you are not allowing them to be heard. I think allot of people are rightly annoyed with the fact they are playing a game and the servers are lagging out losing their items. And Jagex I think you morally have a issue here to deal with, iuts unfair, allot of us are wanting to go to the new boss, try it out with the new waves but dont want to risk it due to the serve issues we are experiencing.

Forum Mods, let people post, yes if a thread breaks forum rules, deal with it, but if they are complaing as I have again posted they have a right to;

If you are dissatisfied with this website or any aspect of it, please contact us via the forms on our website or write to our registered office above.Then leave the threads be.

The terms and conditions (or at least Jagex) also states you need to follow the rules, which none of the threads I’ve locked have done. This threads destine to be locked as well, since it too lacks the requirements needed to be in this forum: namely, it does not pertain to the recent game update (and more specifically its not feedback about said update).

This trick requires two gamertags and two controllers

I know a easier way to earn money.. go in chapter 4-1 (the cave).. get all jewels an make the chain pull crap with sheva at the end…… when youre finished then this big thing is commin but I know a Way to kill it with 5-6 shots…… 3times with grenade launcher.. and 2-3 times with magnum… then it drops the soul Gem 😀 10K and the other things all 20-30k

Duplicate items

Note: This trick requires two gamertags and two controllers. If you only have one gamertag, create a second temporary gamer profile to perform this glitch. First, sign in with both gamertags. Start any chapter. Clear both players inventory slots. Have Chris give Sheva the item(s). Then, have player one quit, and save both profiles. Resume the game, and have Sheva give the item(s) back to Chris. Quit the game again, but only save player one’s profile, and not player two’s profile. Both gamertags should now have the same item(s). You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Start any chapter, and invite another player. Once the other player has joined, have them equip their inventory with the desired items. Then, have the player leave the game. All those items will still be with the player who just left and also with your AI partner. Transfer all the items from your AI partner to your inventory, then send the player an invite again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Playing on Professional all runescape 207 gold finded are multiple por x2, u can try get the jewels killing monster too, like lickers, big shaman, etc… but u need to buy some weapon with infinite ammo, like shotgun or magnum.

Chapter 6-2 is fairly easy. After you get thru the interactive cutscene, you take the gold chalices out of the lockers (worth 3k a piece), and it also provides ammo farming for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I always quit and save after I’ve picked up the 2nd chalice to avoid having to engage in combat. Fairly quick once you get in a routine. Watch out for the tentacle grabs on your way through, there are 3 altogether between you and the chalices. 6k a run, plus ammo, not too bad.

I played beta for runescape 3 yesterda

I decided log onto my account last night after years of not playing.
I saw the RS3 was in beta so I logged in and did the tutorial in the RS3 beta (There were customizable tabs so I am pretty sure I was playing beta)
I played for an hour or so and called it quits, and when I tried logging in today it took me to RS2 (I think…?).
So I logged out and tried to click the beta link and it said beta applications were closed which makes me question if I was really playing RS3 beta last night..
Also when I logged in today it was extremely laggy and back in the old interface.

Here are my questions:

Why was I able to play beta yesterday but today it says applications are closed?
Why is RS2 so laggy?…I have a high end gaming rig I just built. If you want specs I can give but being a desktop game I am 100% positive RS should run smooth on high settings.
When is RS3 coming out of Beta to play permanently and is there any major changes besides the HTML5 change and customizable tabs?

There are two betas: the HTML5 beta and the New Interface System (NIS) beta. The ability to play the betas is account specific. Atm you will only be able to access the New Interface System (NIS) as this is currently open to all members, whilst the HTML5 beta is only open for premium and gold members (bought some months back in a special promotion) and those that applied for beta access. So, you should be able to access the NIS beta only on the account that has membership.

I’m not sure why RS is laggy for you. There have been disconnections going on this week and last week though… You could check out these threads though:

Connection Issues & Lag
Framerate/Performance Issues

RuneScape 2007 Gold is coming to the live game on 22nd July. For more info on this, check out this thread: RS3 Launches 22nd July

There is also a big banner with a count down timer on the home page for this

Dwarf Quest Competitions

Previously we launched a special BTS video where you, the RuneScape money community, could choose which quest we make next. From the choice of Pirates, Dwarves and Gnomes you selected a continuation of the Dwarf series!

Our developers are hard at work designing the content of the next quest but, as this quest is about giving you the community the opportunity to help shape it we thought there was no better time to put your design skills to the test!

In an unprecedented competition we’re giving you the chance to actually design content that will be added to RuneScape with the following competitions:

The Chaos Druid

For this competition we’re asking you to design the leader of the Chaos druids who live in Taverley Dungeon. You will need to create the name, personality and description of a male or female leader of the Chaos Druids.

The entries will judged by the RuneScape art team. If successful the character will be based on your concept but our team may need to make some small changes.

Send a name and description to The description can be in the form of text or in the form of an image. Please put your username in the email and ‘Chaos Druid Competition’ as the subject
No more than half a page of A4 text.
Must be sent by the 19th July to qualify.
All submissions will become the property of Jagex Ltd

The Monster

This quest will feature a horrific monster and we want you to come up with a look for that monster and send it to us! The monster lives underground and will drop a new Dragon throwing axe.

The entries will judged by the RuneScape art team. If successful the character will be based on your concept but our team may need to make some small changes.

Send your artwork to or upload to The Official RuneScape DeviantArt Page. Please put your username in the email and have the subject line ‘Monster Competition’.
Must be sent by the 19th July to qualify.
All submissions will become the property of Jagex Ltd