Runescape covenience is a killer!

With Lodestones becoming the most popular way to travel, Jagex have destroyed the need to use (most) Teleport spells and Tablets. Lodestones are convenient; but too convenient.

Lodestones should be patched as followed:

1.You may now only travel between Lodestones. Casting the Home Teleport spell will now take you to Lumbridge (Normal Spellbook), Edgeville (Ancient Spellbook) or Lunar Isle (Lunar Spellbook).

2.A Lodestone must be charged with the same Runes as required to cast the Teleport spell before you can teleport to it. For some added convenience you may charge Lodestones up in advance (e.g. I could charge the Varrock lodestone with 100 teleports by charging it with 300 Air, and 100 Fire and Law runes).

3.Lodestones are unlocked as currently: Visit one once and you may access it from then onwards.

With these patches in place, using Tablets/Spells to Travel would once again be the significantly more convenient way to travel; rewarding players who choose to train their Magic level higher and still offering lower levels easy transport (which is likely what they were intended for). It will also revive many teleporting objects which have since had their convenience overshadowed by the use of Lodestones.

Whilst some will argue that the Teleport spells/items take players nearer to convenient locations, such as banks, this is not enough convenience to warrant using them over Lodestones as they require Runes. Having the Rune charge in place also acts as an item sink for Runescape 2007 Gold which will increase the demand of Law runes in particular; adding a small boost to the profit of traditional Runecrafters and Slayers whilst not breaking anyones bank with a massive price spike.

Again, I appreciate that this change would not be in the interest of many (including myself as I use Lodestones to travel everywhere) – but Lodestones are too convenient and in terms of balancing; were done so poorly in my opinion.

Note: The changes I suggest are in no way going to make the game more convenient for you. The immersion of this game’s environment is slowly being killed by convenience updates which waste, and undermine the purpose of existing content.