High dmg weapons are dominant

What’s the point of having a high attack speed weapon if it deals the same amount of DPS as a slow weapon, but that slow weapon will increase damage with your abilities more?

Wouldn’t this just make slow weapons just plain better? No reason to use faster weapons?

I propose that there should be an ability that adds a flat amount of damage (based on weapon tier) to your autoattacks.

For example, let’s say that ability adds 70 damage to autoattacks from rune weapons. Rune Scimitar would benefit more from this ability than Rune Battleaxe because it attacks faster, so it can apply that 70 damage more often.

Actually, weapons of the same tier have the same ability base (or very close). The reason you are experiencing the damage difference is because 2h weapons have 50 % more damage than a 1h counterpart. If you use Dual-wielding, however, you will gain the 50 % damage increase like the 2h.