RuneScape 3 is finally releasing this Monday and it was decided

I truly enjoy the NIS and the fact this was the only RS3 gold team that took our feedback and implemented it into the system; and I believe they do not deserve the irrational rage we’ve seen in the past.

I don’t want moderator status of any kind, I’m not a community guy. I do not work at Jagex either. I think you and your post are the epitome of someone who is brainwashed by the worst kind of ignorant people.

This in an attempt to show Jagex that there are many players that support change and understand and appreciate improvements; and to prepare, thank and congratulate the team behind this new system. Please read it all up, whether at work or at home – I promise it’s short.

RuneScape 3 is finally releasing this Monday and it was decided, rightfully in my opinion, to make the NIS the one and only interface system in the game. Now, the last time a change so drastic was made was in the 20th of November last year – the Evolution of Combat’s (EoC – which I also support, by the way) release date. Even today, almost an year after it was launched, many players still complain that the Runescape EoC wasn’t a good move, that the game is not enjoyable anymore, and so on – even though it brought RuneScape to a level near current MMORPGs and was basically what made me enjoy fighting in-game.

But that was not the only time. RuneScape’s community has done this forever. When skillcapes were released people complained. When clan citadels were released people complained. When the wilderness player-killing and free trade were removed people complained (a little too much, here) and guess what? They complained when they were brought back. When there are updates people complain, when there aren’t many, people complain about the lack of them.

RuneScape’s community is made of very different people. It’s literally impossible to please everyone, and it’s the good old story – trends. Hating a certain celebrity because everyone does so without even knowing about their work is a prime example. And it happens here; yes it does. People even complain about the game in the Grand Exchange to start a talk with someone. I’ve seen it happen.

Updates are vital, however. And by working together with the community you made the NIS one of the best updates to the game so far. You’re, imo, the best team at Jagex.

To sum it all up, this Monday there will be many, many complaints to the New Interface System. Players saying they will quit, that it all sucks, and so on. You were likely told all this by the other teams, but I thought it was important to tell this to you.