The godless logo:redesigned

Iv been doing agility for past 6 weeks and people are bringing avatars into the agility course which is fine but its starting to be annoying as clicking on the next obstacle as the avatar is big enough to block it i normally say can you speed up or get rid of it they only answer with gives me extra exp or it stops bots but the avatar is slowing down my exp per hour. Buy Runescape Gold can you limit the places avatars can go i know allot of my friends who do agility feel same way so i hope you can change this.

Personally, I’m not really impressed by the logo of The Godless faction or the Orange and Yellow colour scheme. I’m not really sure what it’s trying to symbolise. I think it should be changed:

What should the Logo be?

I personally think that The Godless logo should be Guthix’s old logo, and the colours should be a grey and green colour scheme, green being the background and grey being the colour of the logo.

Why Guthix’s Logo?
Since Guthix is dead, he has no further use for his symbol of Godhood. Since the Founder of The Godless was an Ex-Guthixian Druid he could’ve used Guthix’s logo to represent his will that there should be no gods on Gielinor.

Why Grey and Green?

I think that grey and green are more neutral colours, compared to Orange and yellow.
Green is the middle colour in the Light Spectrum and shows a pH of 7 (out of 14) in chemistry, for example.
The colour of the title would also be changed to Grey:

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[Player Name] of the Godless

This is my personal opinion. Who knows? It might be accepted!
Thank You for reading!