Time continium runescape problem

Basically something that was overlooked, i think. one of the emissaries, relomia I believe she’s called, tells about sliske having killed guthix (and thus ascending godhood). now this is a small problem seeing that I did not start the world wakes quest yet (let alone complete it) so guthix must still be alive.

Essentially, for most of the quests in the game, they now take place in the past, and we’re meant to view them as some kind of “flashback” as to what we’ve already experienced.

TWW is the biggest example of this, but Guthix being dead is now considered something that all players (and most NPCs) know about.

This was done, supposedly, to allow for an overall story progression that all players can be a part of, for which the RS 3 Gold community as a whole can decide the future of.

The upcoming Battle of Lumbridge for example, will be content in which the community as a whole can decide the outcome of. How exactly it’ll work is unknown as of yet, but it seems exciting! This should be starting in a few days, so we’ll see what happens 🙂

But that really cool sounding update future does make for confusion about currently existing quests. As far as I’m aware there’s not an easy way to tell which quests are in the 5th age (the age we used to be in) and the 6th age (the age we’re in now, post-Guthix’s death)