Are the alchemists elder gods

Well, no, I doubt they are. But there is one small problem with that.

In the Tower of Life quest, you help some alchemists complete a Tower, in which they then bring to life the “Homunculus,” which is a fully sentient living being.

Problem is, Mods have said recently that the hallmark of the Elder Gods, and what sets them above and beyond the Younger Gods, is that they are able to create life.

The Homonculus itself also creates new life out of pieces of other life, in the creature creation minigame.

Clearly a contradiction (albeit an understandable one given the long amount of time between that quests release and now).

The only way I can think of for this to work is if those alchemists unknowingly ( or maybe even knowingly…) harnessed a previously unknown Elder Artifacts power…but I don’t remember anything in the quest that could be one.

Well, the main idea seems to be the creation of life ex nihilo which is what the alchemists seem to do.

They say that “without the life essence of guthix, which he left below the ground, we would not be able to bring this tower to life” they then cast a spell which creates a bunch of glowing orbs above them, then the homonculus just appears in the cage.

I suppose “life essence” could refer to an artifact left there (not originally Guthixian as Guthix didn’t seem to be able to create life), but if so, what?