Help me rebuild my runescape bank

As a long-ish time RS player, I was recently hacked and stripped of everything valuable to me. Literally all I have is full bronze, lost around 58M. The main purpose of this topic is for you guys to provide me with ways of making money out of basically nothing! I don’t have any 99s or high skills, but if I can get 5m by the end of the week, things won’t look too bleak. Any new tips or low cash merch/flips that can be posted would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Added Daily total (at end of the day)
July 11th- 2M
July 12th- 3.2M
July 13th- 3.7M
July 14th- 5.02M ( Goal reached!)
July 14th- 7.8M!!!!!! (Midnight Update)
July 15th- 6.5m (Scammed, now im left with 1k worthless overpaid scrolls) :/
and I had the green 10M tooo!

If you’re going for unicorn horns to make money, you may be better off killing Unicows instead. Looking at your combat stats, you should be able to kill them easily, too. Killing them only requires the Tower of Life quest (short and easy, if I remember correctly). To make it faster, completing at least the Ardougne Easy task/achievement set is highly recommended.

The wondrous unicow is created with one unicorn horn and one cow hide. Upon death, it drops at least one unicorn horn (and bones), but is more likely to drop more. Even better, if you have an Ardougne Cloak on (from the task set mentioned before), the horn drops will likely be noted. Your only investment will be the cow hides, which you can easily get with a quick Combat Academy teleport. Possibly the best part is that only you can attack the unicow that you create, so there’s no competition (not that many people go there anyway).

For a little quicker cash, you can Buy Runescape Gold the broad arrowheads sold by Slayer Masters and sell them back on the GE for nearly double the investment. The two slayer masters in Taverley share a stock, and all of the other slayer masters share a separate stock, and each one takes about 24 hours to fully restock.

Seeing as you have already reached your goal, why not help you out a bit more. The way I make money is not exactly through a strict process, more like earning it when I could care less about it. I basically skill most of the time and do quests. Just doing various skills and setting goals the items I keep and bank start to take value and suddenly I have good amount of money when I cash in at day’s end.

Some skills I suggest are harvesting skills like woodcutting and mining, and then skills that help you train multiple ways such as slayer. I also happen to run into clue scrolls along the way, which can make me a ton of money.