Why don’t you get the message about EOC for ONCE

AOE spells have been altered to function as they did previously:

AOE spells now deal slightly less damage to non-main targets.
Blood spells now heal 5% damage dealt against main targets (as before), and 3% against other targets.
Soul Split now heals 10% damage dealt against main targets (as before), and 5% against other targets.


Brilliant, the only thing making slayer fun and the only way to bypass the need for 100% use of abilities when slaying is now nerfed, thanks a lot…. I was starting to enjoy eoc but now it’s back to the depressing drawing board

Why don’t you get the message about Runescape EOC for ONCE

Most tasks weren’t affected too badly by this, they are slightly slower barraging but nothing major, still finishing 200m slay by barraging half my tasks!

p.s This thread has gone on longer than I originally anticipated. This is not a rant or an attempt to undermine the efforts of Jagex, I am simply saying that I’m and I am sure many others not happy with the way things are currently, eoc needs work, and I don’t want things to get brushed under the rug.I feel momentum is under-powered and it does not live up to it’s original
purpose! The only place id consider using it is for champion scrolls or for killing goblins.

I am not 100% anti-ability, I use abilities at bosses, pvp, quests etc, however I feel for regular combat training and the majority of slayer tasks it’s a pointless and an unnecessary grind.