I have only Ever done the Warbands a few times

Look, I know you want to encourage clan Wilderness fights around Warbands. But that’s not what’s happening. PvP is dead and with it, PvP clans–hence no one has the power to attack the Warbands, leaving the friends chats with a complete monopoly. Anyone who isn’t with them is slaughtered instantly upon arrival, no chance to fight back. There’s no group who can.

So please, do something about the friends chats. Make it so that orange and green dots stay, but Team Capes and Friends Chats all show up as white dots still. This removes their ability to distinguish and kills the monopoly. What’s the point of a Wilderness D&D if all it is is a small group going out in complete safety, no one even bothering to attack, and everyone else being slaughtered hopelessly? That’s not Wilderness. There is no risk for the reward–it’s a level 200 killing Goblins.

Now I don’t PvP that much. And I have only Ever done the Warbands a few times. But I agree that it ridiculous that what friend chats have done to Warbands.

I went to warbands once on my own died instantly. The next two times I went in a friend chat. The First time I went with a friend I got attack from people in the chat. The next time I finally got some rewards from Warbands.

To tell you the truth I don’t PvP because I get too competitive and get angry quickly. The only Pking I really do on a regular basis is pking BOTs and it seems that even that is getting harder to do. With some of the tweaks to the EOC pking has become less about skill and more about luck.